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NameCased Hole Formation Density
DescriptionCased Hole Formation Density

Related channels
APLC Near/Array Corrected Limestone Porosity
BSW Calibrated Count Rate (Array) of Gamma Rays from Back Scatter Device
CETHNOM Nominal Cement Thickness
DPHZ Standard Resolution Density Porosity
FCCL Casing Collar Pip
LHEW High Energy Window from Long Spacing
LSW Calibrated Count Rate (Array) of Gamma Rays from Long Spacing Device
QSDP Porosity Quality
RHLA Long Spacing Apparent Density
RHOX Bulk Density From Second Tool
RHOZ Standard Resolution Formation Density
RHSA Short Spacing Apparent Density
SSW Calibrated Count Rate (Array) of Gamma Rays from Short Spacing Device
THCK Casing Thickness

Related parameters
CDEN Cement Density
CSIZ Casing Outer Diameter
CWEI Casing Weight
FD Fluid Density
MASH Maximum Shift
MDEN Matrix Density for Density Porosity
RHCI Density Correlation Index

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