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NameCMR Density Gas Analysis
DescriptionComputes Gas-Corrected Porosity from Density and CMR Porosities

Related channels
BFV Bound Fluid Volume
CMRP_T1T2R_ZERO CMR Porosity using T1/T2 Ratio of Zero
DMRP Density - Magnetic Resonance Porosity
DMRP_SIG Standard Deviation of Density-Magnetic Resonance Porosity
DPOR Density Porosity
EGD Expected Grain Density
KECHO_HR High Resolution Echo Sum Permeability
KTIM Timur/Coates Permeability
RHOB Bulk Density
SXGAS Effective Saturation of Gas (flushed zone)
SXGAS_SIG Standard Deviation of Gas Saturation in Flushed Zone
SXO Water Saturation in Flushed Zone
TCMR Total CMR Porosity
VXGA Volume of Gas in Flushed Zone
VXGA_SIG Standard Deviation of Gas Volume in Flushed Zone
VXWA Volume of Water in Flushed Zone

Related parameters
BFV_MIN Bound Fluid Volume Minimum
FFCUT Free Fluid Cutoff for Normalized Flow Computation
GAS_DENSITY Density of gas (air, hydrocarbon, etc.) at a particular temperature and/or pressure; e.g., gas density at well bottomhole conditions or at well surface conditions.
HI_GAS Hydrogen Index of Gas
HI_GAS_UNC_ZP Zoned Uncertainty for Formation Gas Hydrogen Index
HIFF Hydrogen Index of Formation Fluid
HIFF_UNC_ZP Zoned Uncertainty for Formation Fluid Hydrogen Index
KTIM_A Multiplier for Timur/Coates Permeability
KTIM_B Porosity Exponent for Timur/Coates Permeability
KTIM_C PHI Ratio Exponent for Timur/Coates Permeability
PT Polarization Time
PT_V Polarization Times Vector
RHOB_MATR Bulk Density response parameter for Matrix
RHOB_MATR_UNC_ZP Zoned Uncertainty for Formation Matrix Density
RHOB_UNC_ZP Zoned Uncertainty for the Bulk Density Measurement
RHOF Density of the Formation Fluid
RHOF_UNC_ZP Zoned Uncertainty for Formation Fluid Density
RHOGAS_UNC_ZP Zoned Uncertainty for Formation Gas Density
T1_FLUID T1 of Formation Fluid
T1_FLUID_UNC_ZP Zoned Uncertainty for T1 of Formation Fluid
T1_GAS T1 of Gas
T1_GAS_UNC_ZP Zoned Uncertainty for T1 of Gas
TCMR_UNC_ZP Zoned Uncertainty for the Total CMR Porosity Measurement
WT_V Wait Times Vector

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