Mnemonics, Software product, CMR_DMRRXO

NameCMR Density Rxo HC Typing
DescriptionDensity-Magnetic Resonance-Rxo Processing for Hydrocarbon Typing

Related channels
BFV Bound Fluid Volume
CMRP_T1T2R_ZERO CMR Porosity using T1/T2 Ratio of Zero
DMRP Density - Magnetic Resonance Porosity
DPOR Density Porosity
GASP Gas Probability
OILP Oil Probability
OVIS Oil Viscosity
RHOB Bulk Density
RHOH Hydrocarbon Density
RXO Flushed Zone Resistivity
TCMR Total CMR Porosity
TEMP Computed Borehole Temperature
VXWA Volume of Water in Flushed Zone

Related parameters
BHT Bottom Hole Temperature
FFCUT Free Fluid Cutoff for Normalized Flow Computation
GAS_DENSITY Density of gas (air, hydrocarbon, etc.) at a particular temperature and/or pressure; e.g., gas density at well bottomhole conditions or at well surface conditions.
HI_GAS Hydrogen Index of Gas
HI_OIL Hydrogen Index of Oil
HIFF Hydrogen Index of Formation Fluid
MFST Mud Filtrate Sample Temperature
ODEN Oil Density
PT Polarization Time
RHOB_MATR Bulk Density response parameter for Matrix
RHOF Density of the Formation Fluid
RMF Mud Filtrate Resistivity
ST Surface Temperature
T1_GAS T1 of Gas
T1_OIL T1 of Oil
TD Total Measured Depth
VHCUT Hydrocarbon Volume Cutoff

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