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NameCMR Sonic Gas Analysis
DescriptionComputes Gas-Corrected Porosity from Sonic and CMR Porosities

Related channels
BFV Bound Fluid Volume
CMRP_T1T2R_ZERO CMR Porosity using T1/T2 Ratio of Zero
DT Delta-T (also called Slowness or Interval Transit Time)
DTGAS Delta-T Gas
KECHO_HR High Resolution Echo Sum Permeability
KTIM Timur/Coates Permeability
SMRP Sonic - Magnetic Resonance Porosity
SPHI Sonic Porosity
SXGAS Effective Saturation of Gas (flushed zone)
SXO Water Saturation in Flushed Zone
TCMR Total CMR Porosity
VXGA Volume of Gas in Flushed Zone
VXWA Volume of Water in Flushed Zone

Related parameters
BFV_MIN Bound Fluid Volume Minimum
CP Compaction Correction Factor
DTF Delta-T Fluid
DTGAS_OPT Porosity Range for Delta-T Gas Estimate
DTM Delta-T Matrix
FFCUT Free Fluid Cutoff for Normalized Flow Computation
HI_GAS Hydrogen Index of Gas
HIFF Hydrogen Index of Formation Fluid
KTIM_A Multiplier for Timur/Coates Permeability
KTIM_B Porosity Exponent for Timur/Coates Permeability
KTIM_C PHI Ratio Exponent for Timur/Coates Permeability
PT Polarization Time
T1_GAS T1 of Gas

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