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DescriptionDirectional Driller Toolbox

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END_TIME Absolute time at end of activity
RSS_DLSDS Desired Dogleg Severity Setting for Rotary Steerable System
RSS_POWRS Percent Power Setting for Rotary Steerable System
RSS_TFDS Desired Toolface Setting for Rotary Steerable System [M(Magnetic) or G(Gravity) + angle in degrees]
SLS_ADJ_STAB_OD Outer Diameter of the Adjustable Stabilizer
SLS_APRS Downhole Annulus Pressure measured by MWD tool
SLS_BHA_NUMBER Bottom Hole Assembly Number, often uses characters
SLS_BOTTOM_DEPTH End point (bottom) of drilled interval
SLS_DRVA_ON_BOT Rotary table motor current, measured while on bottom, drilling
SLS_DTOR Downhole Torque on Bit measured by MWD tool
SLS_DWOB Downhole Weight on bit measured by MWD tool
SLS_LITHO_TYPE Brief description of Lithology being drilled
SLS_MOTION_TYPE Indicates if the drillstring is being rotated at the surface or not
SLS_MUD_FLOWRATE Mud Flowrate into the wellbore
SLS_ROP_CALC Rate of Penetration Computed from depth drilled and time elapsed
SLS_ROP_INPUT Rate of Penetration Input by operator
SLS_RPM Speed at which the drillstring is rotated on the rig floor
SLS_SPPA_OFF_BOT Standpipe Pressure measured while off bottom
SLS_SPPA_ON_BOT Standpipe Pressure measured while on bottom
SLS_STOR_ON_BOT Torque on Bottom measured on the rig floor
SLS_SWOB Weight on Bit measured on the rig floor
SLS_TF Indicates type of measurement, gravity or magnetic, and corresponding toolface angle
SLS_TOP_DEPTH Starting point (top) of drilled interval
SLS_USER_DEFINED_1 User Defined Variable 1
SLS_USER_DEFINED_2 Slide Sheet User Defined Variable 2
START_TIME Absolute time at beginning of activity
USER_REMARK Generic user remark used to define a processing or a graphic display

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