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DescriptionDual Water Quicklook

Related channels
BVG Bulk Volume Gas
BVL Bulk Volume Liquid
BVO Bulk Volume Oil
BVW Bulk Volume Water
BVWE Bulk Volume Water (Effective)
BVWR Bulk Volume Water (Ratio Method)
BVWT Total Bulk Volume Water
CGR Gamma Ray Contribution from Thorium and Potassium
DCAL Differential Caliper
DG12 Grain Density (Mineral 1, Mineral 2)
DG13 Grain Density (Mineral 1, Mineral 3)
DG23 Grain Density (Mineral 2, Mineral 3)
DPHI Density Porosity
EGD Expected Grain Density
ELPT EPT Lossless Propagation Time
EMPT EPT Matrix Corrected Porosity
ERFA EPT Apparent Resistivity of Fluid
ESXE EPT Flushed Zone Water Saturation (Effective)
ESXO EPT Flushed Zone Water Saturation
ESXT EPT Total Flushed Zone Water Saturation
EWB Epsilon Water Bound
EWF Epsilon Water Free
EWXE EPT Flushed Zone Volume Water (Effective)
EWXT Total EPT Flushed Zone Volume Water
FBH Flag for Bad Hole
FGAS Flag for Gas
FHYD Flag for Hydrocarbon
FSHA Flag for Shale
FSWB Flag for SWB
GDSI Grain Density Shale Index
GR Gamma Ray
GRSI Gamma Ray Shale Index
KHYD Effective Permeability to Hydrocarbon
KNML NML Permeability
MP1 3-Mineral Proportion, Mineral 1
MP2 3-Mineral Proportion, Mineral 2
MP3 3-Mineral Proportion, Mineral 3
NPHI Thermal Neutron Porosity (original Ratio Method) in Selected Lithology
PEBA Power of Epsilon Bound Water Apparent
PEFA Power of Epsilon Free Water Apparent
PHIA Apparent Total Porosity
PHIE Effective Porosity
PHIT Total Porosity: includes all forms of porosity, including that occupied by bound fluids, and is independent of rock and fluid materials and of environmental effects
PNSI Neutron Shale Index
RFA Apparent Fluid Resistivity
RHCH Hydrocarbon Corrected Bulk Density
RHGA Apparent Grain Density
RHGF Formation Grain Density
RMFA Apparent Mud Filtrate Resistivity
RT True Resistivity
SATG Gas Saturation
SATO Oil Saturation
SGR Spectroscopy Gamma Ray
SNP Sidewall Neutron Porosity
SPHI Sonic Porosity
SPSI SP Shale Index
SRFA SP Apparent Fluid Resistivity
SW Water Saturation
SWD SW calculated by DPQL
SWE Water Saturation (Effective)
SWI Irreducible Water Saturation
SWT Total Water Saturation
TPGA Apparent Grain Time Propagation
TPMC Computed Matrix Time Propagation
UMA Apparent Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Matrix
VWXE Flushed Zone Water Volume (Effective)
VWXR Flushed Zone Water Volume (Ratio Method)
VWXT Total Flushed Zone Water Volume

Related parameters
CDSE Corrected Density Selector
CLIM Caliper Limit for Sonic
CNPS CNTG Neutron Porosity Selector
DLLM Density Lower Limit for Mineral Detection
DRUL Delta-Rho Upper Limit
EHYD Epsilon Hydrocarbon
ESOU Epsilon Source
FCAL Flag for Caliper Presence
FDPT Flag of DPT Interpretation
FEPT Flag for EPT Availability
FLDT Bulk Density Presence Flag
FNMT NML Available Flag
FRT Flag for True Resistivity
FRTC Flag for RT Correction
GDCL Grain Density Clean Line
GDSH Grain Density Shale
GRCL Gamma Ray Clean Line
GRSE Generalized Mud Resistivity Selection, from Measured or Computed Mud Resistivity
GRSH Gamma Ray Shale
GRSS Gamma Ray Source Selector
GULM Gamma Ray Upper Limit for Mineral Detection
JAZ JAZ SW Average
KCON Permeability Constant
KES Permeability Equation Selection
KEXP Permeability Exponent
LSWB Limit Bound Water Saturation by SWT
MDEN Matrix Density for Density Porosity
MDET Mineral Detection
NGSI Neutron and Grain Density Shale Input Flag
NLIM Neutron Limit
NMLA NML Availability Flag
NPCL Neutron Porosity Clean Line
NPSH Neutron Porosity Shale
PEB Power of Epsilon for Bound Water
PMAX Maximum Total Porosity
POUT Output Porosity
RG21 RHO Grain (2 Mineral Model, Mineral 1)
RG22 RHO Grain (2 Mineral Model, Mineral 2)
RG23 RHO Grain (2 Mineral Model, Mineral 3)
RG31 RHO Grain (3 Mineral Model, Mineral 1)
RG32 RHO Grain (3 Mineral Model, Mineral 2)
RG33 RHO Grain (3 Mineral Model, Mineral 3)
RTCO Rt Invasion Correction
RTLF RT Limit Flag
RWB Bound Water Resistivity
RWF Free Water Resistivity
SDGC Clean Grain Density Selector
SINP Shale Input
SIS Shale Index Selector
SONI Flag for Sonic
SPCL SP Clean Line
SWMN SW Minimum
TPCN Time Propagation of Non-Shale
TPM1 Time Propagation Matrix 1
TPM2 Time Propagation Matrix 2
TPM3 Time Propagation Matrix 3
TPSH Time Propagation Shale
TSUR Temperature at Surface
UF Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Fluid
UM21 Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Matrix (2-Mineral Model, Min-1)
UM22 Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Matrix (2-Mineral Model, Min-2)
UM31 Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Matrix (3-Mineral Model, Min-1)
UM32 Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Matrix (3-Mineral Model, Min-2)
UM33 Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Matrix (3-Mineral Model, Min-3)
WMUD Weight of Mud

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