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DisciplineWell Testing
DescriptionGeoFrame Well Testing application (Formerly SMART)

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ABOVE_VALVE_PRES Pressure above the valve
AIR_SUPPLY_FLOWRATE Air flowrate from compressor
ANNULUS_PRES Downhole annulus pressure
API_GRAVITY_STD Oil gravity (degrees API) at standard conditions
BAROMETRIC_PRESSURE The pressure of the atmosphere (relative to vacuum)
BASIC_ORIFICE_FACTOR Basic orifice factor; used in the orifice equation, which is a function of the efficiency factor and depends on the location of the differential taps and the internal pipe diameter.
BELOW_VALVE_PRES Pressure below the valve
BSW_CHOKE Basic sediment and water (decimal ratio) at choke manifold
BSW_OIL_LINE Basic sediment and water (decimal ratio) through separator oil line
BSW_SEP_DRAIN Basic sediment and water (decimal ratio) through separator drain outlet
BURNER_AIR_PRES Burner air pressure
BURNER_OIL_PRES Burner oil pressure
BURNER_TEMP Burner temperature
BURNER_WATER_PRES Burner water pressure
CASING_PRES Casing pressure
CHOKE_SIZE Wellhead choke diameter
CO2_MOLE_FRACTION Molar fraction of CO2 in gas
CORRECTIVE_TEMP Corrective temperature to compensate pressure from temperature effects
CRITICAL_FLOW_INDICATOR Ratio of downstream pressure over upstream pressure at choke manifold
CUM_GAS_VOLUME Cumulative gas volume produced by a separator
CUM_OIL_VOLUME Cumulative oil volume produced
CUM_SAND_PROD Cumulative production of unconsolidated sand in a producing well
CUM_WATER_VOLUME Cumulative water volume produced
DOWNSTREAM_ORIFICE_GAS_PRESSURE Gas pressure downstream of the orifice plate
FLOCO_METER_FACTOR Calibration factor to convert raw volume into net volume for FLOCO meter (positive displacement meter)
FLOCO_OIL_VOLUME Oil volume measured with FLOCO meter (positive displacement meter)
FLOCO2_METER_FACTOR Calibration factor to convert raw volume into net volume for 2nd FLOCO meter (positive displacement meter)
FLOWING_TEMP_FACTOR Flowing temperature factor; used in the orifice equation, it corrects the gas flow rate for those cases where the flowing temperature of the gas is other than 60 F
GAS_DEVIATION_FACTOR Dimensionless quantity expressing how a gas deviates from perfect gas law, commonly expressed by PV=ZnRT. Sometimes named Gas Compressibility Factor, Z usually varies from 0.7 to 1.2
GAS_DIFF_PRES Gas differential pressure across the orifice plate
GAS_EXPAND_FACTOR Gas expansion factor is used in the orifice equation and accounts for the change in gas density as the pressure changes across the orifice plate
GAS_MASS_FLOWRATE Gas mass flowrate
GAS_PSEUDO_PRES Gas pseudo critical pressure
GAS_PSEUDO_TEMP Gas pseudo critical temperature
GAS_SPEC_HEAT Specific heat of gas at a separator
GAS_VOLUME Gas volume produced
H2S_MOLE_FRACTION Molar fraction of H2S in gas
HEATER_INLET_PRES Heater/steam exchanger inlet pressure
HEATER_INLET_TEMP Heater/steam exchanger inlet temperature
HEATER_OUTLET_PRES Heater/steam exchanger outlet pressure
HEATER_OUTLET_TEMP Heater/steam exchanger outlet temperature
HEATER_SHELL_PRES Heater/steam exchanger shell pressure
HEATER_SHELL_TEMP Heater/steam exchanger shell temperature
INST_GAS_FLOWRATE Instantaneous gas flow rate
METER_FACTOR Meter factor for surface liquid flowmeters
OIL_GRAVITY_STD Oil specific gravity at standard conditions
OIL_GRAVITY_TEMP Temperature of the oil when measuring oil specific gravity (OIL_SPEC_GRAVITY)
OIL_MASS_FLOWRATE Oil mass flowrate
OIL_SPEC_GRAVITY Oil specific gravity at OIL_GRAVITY_TEMP temperature
OIL_TEMP Oil temperature measured at separator oil line
OIL_VOLUME Oil volume produced
ORIFICE_DIAM Gas meter orifice diameter
ORIFICE_METER_GAS_TEMPERATURE Gas temperature at the orifice plate
PIPE_DIAM Internal diameter of pipe
ROTRON_METER_FACTOR Calibration factor to convert raw volume into net volume for ROTRON meter (turbine meter)
ROTRON_OIL_VOLUME Oil volume measured with ROTRON meter (turbine meter)
SAND_FLOWRATE Unconsolidated sand solid flowrate in a producing well
SAND_PROD Unconsolidated sand produced with oil and/or gas in a producing well
SANDTRAP_DIFF_PRES Differential pressure at sand trap
SANDTRAP_DOWNSTREAM_PRES Downstream pressure at sand trap
SANDTRAP_UPSTREAM_PRES Upstream pressure at sand trap
SEPARATOR_GAS_GRAVITY Separator gas gravity
SEPARATOR_OIL_TEMP Separator oil temperature
SEPARATOR_PRES Pressure inside separator
SHRINKAGE Percentage of oil volume reduction measured at temperature (SHRINKAGE_TEMP) between separator and tank reported to oil volume at separator conditions
SHRINKAGE_CORR Oil volume correction factor to be applied between the final temperature during shrinkage measurement at temperature SHRINKAGE_TEMP and 60 degrees F
SHRINKAGE_TEMP Temperature at which the shrinkage is measured
SPARE_PRES Spare pressure measurement
SPARE_TEMP Spare temperature measurement
SPEC_GRAVITY_FACTOR Specific gravity factor; used in the orifice equation to correct the basic orifice equation for those cases where the specific gravity of the gas is other than 1.0
SUPERCOMPRESS_FACTOR Supercompressibility factor; used in the orifice equation, measures the variation from the ideal gas laws; computed as 1/sqrt(Gas_Deviation_Factor)
SURFACE_TEMPERATURE Atmospheric temperature
TANK_FLUID_LEVEL Fluid level measured at tank sight glass
TANK_FLUID_VOLUME Fluid volume calculated from fluid level in tank
TANK_PRES Surge tank pressure
TANK_TEMP Tank fluid temperature
UNIX_TIME The number of seconds since January 1st 1970
WATER_FLOWRATE Water flow rate
WATER_MASS_FLOWRATE Water mass flowrate
WATER_OIL_RATIO Rate of water production divided by the rate of oil production
WATER_VOLUME Water volume produced
WELLHEAD_DC_PRES Wellhead down choke pressure
WELLHEAD_TEMP Wellhead Temperature

Related parameters
BASE_PRES_FACTOR Pressure base factor to correct the basic orifice factor in the orifice equation when the pressure used is not 14.73 psi
BASE_TEMP_FACTOR Base temperature factor to correct the basic orifice factor in the orifice equation when the temperature is not 60 F
COST_PER_MASS Amount of money per unit of mass
CROSSFLOW_FLAG Indicates presence of crossflow
CUMULATIVE_EQUIVALENT_TIME Cumulative Equivalent Operating Time, called Cumulative Time Usage or CTU.
CURRENT_EQUIVALENT_TIME Computed equivalent operating time based on the time spent at a given temperature and the maximum working temperature. If all the time is spent at maximum working temperature, then the equivalent time is equal to the operating time.
HOUSING_NUMBER Identifying number often etched onto the housing.
MONOPHASIC_FLUID_FLAG Indicates if the fluid is monophasic
OPEN_FRACTION Fraction to which the equipment is open, e.g., 50% open
STANDING_OIL_FLAG Indicates if there is standing, motionless oil
STANDING_WATER_FLAG Indicates if there is standing, motionless water
STD_PRES_BASE Standard pressure base used to compute the pressure base factor
STD_TEMP_BASE Standard temperature base used to compute the temperature base factor

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