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NameGPIT Survey
DescriptionGPIT and Inclinometry Survey and Recovery

Related channels
ANOR Acceleration Computed Norm (vector length)
DEPTH_SHIFT (Corrected depth - measured depth) as function of measured depth.
DEVI Hole Deviation
FCAZ Fast Channel (High Resolution) Acceleration on Z Axis
FINC Magnetic Field Inclination
FNOR Magnetic Field Intensity Computed Norm
FTIM Fast Channels Acquisition Time
HAZI Hole Azimuth Relative to True North
P1AZ Pad 1 Azimuth in Horizontal Plane (0 = True North)
P1NO Pad 1 Azimuth in Plane Orthogonal to Tool Axis (0 = True North)
RB Relative Bearing
SDEV Sonde Deviation
STICKING_INDICATOR This is 1 if the tool is stuck and 0 otherwise.
TOOL_ACCELERATION Tool acceleration.
TOOL_VELOCITY Tool velocity.

Related parameters
CASING_SHOE_DEPTH Casing shoe depth
DATE Date of Operation
GRAV Acceleration of Gravitation
LATD Latitude (N=+ S=-)
LOND Longitude
MDEC Magnetic Field Declination
MFIN Magnetic Field Intensity
MINC Magnetic Field Inclination
OFFSET_GPIT Depth Offset from GPIT
PROCESSING_OPTION An indicator of which of two or more options has been selected for data processing.
SOFF Standoff
TOOL_TYPE The type of a Tool usually used in some activity, e.g. CNTA, USIT, AIT, etc.

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