Mnemonics, Software product, HALS_BORDIP

NameBorDip for HALS
DescriptionCompute Formation Dips from HALS Data

Related channels
DIP_HEIGHT Height of Dip Plane Intersection with Borehole
DPAA_NAZ Apparent Dip Azimuth - North
DPAA_TOH Apparent Dip Azimuth - Top of Hole
DPAP Apparent Dip Angle - Tool
DPAZ True Dip Azimuth
DPTR True Dip Angle
HARS 12 Azimuthal Shallow Resistivities
HAZIM Memorized Hole Azimuth
P1NO_HALS Pad 1 Azimuth in Plane Orthogonal to Tool Axis (0 = True North), memorized to HALS
QUAF Dip Quality Factor
RB_HALS Relative Bearing channel memorized at HALS position
SDEVM Memorized Sonde Deviation

Related parameters
CORINT Correlation interval
CORRELAT_CUT Correlation Cutoff for Dip Computation (between 0.0 and 1.0)
FOCUS_DIP_AZI Focus Dip Azimuth
FOCUS_DIP_MAG Focus Dip Magnitude
FOCUS_DIP_RT Real Time Focusing Dip Type
MDIP_REJECT Real Time Mirror Dip Rejection
MEAS_PNTR Measurement Penetration
MIN_APP_DIP Minimum Apparent Dip
SEARCH_ANGLE Angular range to search around focus dip
STEP Step Length between Correlations

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