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NameHistorical EC
DescriptionEnvironmental Corrections of Historical SLB Logs

Related channels
CALI Caliper
CALR Diameter from Resistivity Tool
DSOZ Standard Resolution Density Standoff
LL7 Laterolog 7
LL8 Laterolog 8
MLL Microlaterolog Resistivity
MRES Mud Resistivity
PND Neutron Dolomite Porosity
PNL Neutron Limestone Porosity
PNS Neutron Sandstone Porosity
RHOB Bulk Density
SN Short Normal Resistivity (16 inch spacing)
SNP Sidewall Neutron Porosity

Related parameters
BS Bit Size
PARAMETER1 Generic Unitless Parameter 1
PARAMETER2 Generic Unitless Parameter 2
PARAMETER3 Generic Unitless Parameter 3
RM Mud Resistivity
RMC Mud Cake Resistivity
UTILITY_PLOT_INTERVAL UtilityPlots sample spacing

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