Mnemonics, Software product, HOLEV

DescriptionIntegrated Hole/Cement Volume

Related channels
ABS Area of Bit
AFCD Area of Future Casing
AREA Area of Borehole
DCAL Differential Caliper
FCD Future Casing Diameter
HDAR Hole Diameter from Area
ICV Integrated Cement Volume
IHV Integrated Hole Volume

Related parameters
BHS Borehole Status (Open or Cased Hole)
BHT Bottom Hole Temperature
CD Casing Shoe Depth
FCD Future Casing (Outer) Diameter
GCSE Generalized Caliper Selection, from Measured Caliper or Bit Size
GDEV Average Angular Deviation of Borehole from Vertical
GGRD Geothermal Gradient
GRSE Generalized Mud Resistivity Selection, from Measured or Computed Mud Resistivity
GTSE Generalized Temperature Selection, from Measured or Computed Temperature
HVCS Integrated Hole Volume Caliper Selection
IHVC Integrated Hole Volume Control
MATR Rock Matrix for Neutron Porosity Corrections
SHT Surface Hole Temperature
VCEM Cumulative Cement Volume
VHOL Cumulative Hole Volume

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