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Related channels
ANSA Volume of Anhydrite & Salt
C2IL Volume of Anhydrite, Salt, Sand, Limestone, Dolomite, Feldspar, Illite, Clay 2
DOLI Volume of Anhydrite, Salt, Sand, Limestone, Dolomite
FBH Flag for Bad Hole
FEDO Volume of Anhydrite, Salt, Sand, Limestone, Dolomite, Feldspar
ILFE Volume of Anhydrite, Salt, Lime, Dolomite, Illite
INLN Inconsistency between LDT and NGT Model
LISA Volume of Anhydrite, Salt, Sand, Limestone
LLCL Lower Limit of Clay
NPHI Thermal Neutron Porosity (original Ratio Method) in Selected Lithology
PHIA Apparent Total Porosity
RHGX Grain Density from Crossplot Porosity
SNAN Volume of Anhydrite, Salt, Sand
ULCL Upper Limit of Clay
UMA Apparent Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Matrix
VANH Volume of Anhydrite Relative to Total Volume
VCL2 Volume of Clay 2 Relative To Total Volume
VCOA Volume of Coal Relative to Total Volume
VDOL Volume of Dolomite Relative to Total Volume
VFEL Volume of Feldspar Relative to Total Volume
VILL Volume of Illite (dry) Relative to Total Volume
VLIM Volume of Limestone Relative to Total Volume
VMAT Volume of Matrix Relative to Total Volume
VSAL Volume of SALT
VSAN Volume of Sandstone Relative to Total Volume

Related parameters
CNLA Flag for CNL
DMAX Maximum Dip Plotted
ELRD Execution of LITH/LITHO Relative To DWQL
IGC Intercept for Gas Correction
LDTA LDT Availability Flag
LITM Lithologic Mode
MDCS Maximum Delta Caliper Size
NANH Neutron Response of Anhydrite
NCOA Neutron Response of Coal
NDOL Neutron Response of Dolomite
NSAL Neutron Response of Salt
POC2 Potassium Concentration for Clay 2
POFE Potassium Concentration for Feldspar
POIL Potassium Concentration for Illite
POMA Potassium Concentration for Matrix
POUT Output Porosity
RANH Density Limit for Anhydrite
RCL2 Density of CLAY 2
RCOA Density of COAL
RDOL Density of Dolomite
RFEL Density of Feldspar
RILL Density of ILLITE
RLIM Density of Limestone
RSAL Density of SALT
RSAN Density of SAND
SANM Maximum Sand to Trigger Lim/Dol/Anh Model
SGC Slope for Gas Correction
THC2 Thorium Concentration (Expected) for Clay 2
THFE Thorium Concentration (Expected) for Feldspar
THIL Thorium Concentration (Expected) for Illite
THMA Thorium Concentration (Expected) for Matrix
UANH Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Anhydrite
UCL2 Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Clay 2
UCOA Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Coal
UDOL Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Dolomite
UF Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Fluid
UFEL Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Feldspar
UILL Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Illite
ULIM Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Limestone
USAL Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Salt
USAN Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Sandstone
WMUD Weight of Mud

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