Mnemonics, Software product, LITHO_TOOLKIT/HISTOGRAM

NameLitho ToolKit / Histogram
DescriptionSub-module of Litho ToolKit product for facies classification using multi-dimensional histograms

Related channels
CLUSTER_FACIES Cluster Facies by Cluster Analysis
MEAN_CLUSTER Mean of log values connected with each cluster by Cluster Analysis
MODEL_NUMBER Model number
NB_CLUSTER_POINT Number of points in each Cluster by Cluster Analysis

Related parameters
BFLAG Boolean True False Flag
CLUSTER_CONSTRAINT Depth Constraint method flag by Cluster Analysis ( 1 == Yes, 0 == No )
CODE Dictionary-controlled name of item
CUSM Current Units System
MAX Maximum value
MAX_NORMALIZATION Maximum Value in Normalization of curves when mode is User Range
MIN Minimum value
MIN_NORMALIZATION Minimum Value in Normalization of curves when mode is User Range
MODEL_NAMES List of model names
N_DATA_CLASS Number of Data Classes
NB_CLUSTER Number of Output Clusters by Cluster Analysis
NORMALIZATION_MODE Normalization mode: 0 = Standard Deviation; 1 = Curve Range; 2 = User Range
PCA_CUTOFF Inertial Proportion Cutoff in Principal Component Analysis
THRESHOLD Generic Threshold Value

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