Mnemonics, Software product, NAV

DescriptionSeismic Navigation Computation

Related channels
DOFL Navigation Distance Off Line
DOFT Distance Off Target
NATE Navigation Along Track Error
NBRG Navigation Bearing
NFIX Navigation Fix
NGE Navigation Gun Easting
NGN Navigation Gun Northing
NHEA Navigation Heading
NRNG Navigation Range
NSHN Navigation Shot Number
NTH Navigation Time Hour
NTM Navigation Time Minute
NTS Navigation Time Second

Related parameters
AAWH Azimuth Antenna Well Head
NAVD Navigation device name in VMS ie TXA2: or HIName in SE
OAWH Offset Antenna Well Head
SWAT Shoot when at Target
TATE Tolerance on along Track Error
TDOF Tolerance on Distance Off Line
TDOT Tolerance on Distance Off Target
XGAN X Distance Gun to Antenna
YGAN Y Distance Gun to Antenna

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