Mnemonics, Software product, OMRL

DescriptionOriented Microresistivity

Related channels
AVGR Average Resistivity over All Four HDT Pads
AZI0 Azimuth of Pad Zero
AZI1 Azimuth of Pad 1
AZI2 Azimuth of Pad 2
AZI3 Azimuth of Pad 3
AZI4 Azimuth of Pad 4
AZIC Azimuth of Pad 1 with Differential Caliper Superimposed
DC1 Caliper 1-3 (C1) Minus Bit Size (BS)
DC2 Caliper 2-4 (C2) Minus Bit Size (BS)
HE Hole Elongation
HPOT HDT Voltage
MXD Maximum Deflection
MXDA Azimuth of Pad of Maximum Deflection
PAW1 Pad Azimuth With Resistivity 1
PAW2 Pad Azimuth With Resistivity 2
PAW3 Pad Azimuth With Resistivity 3
PAW4 Pad Azimuth With resistivity 4
RES0 Resistivity Measured By Speed Button (Pad Zero)
RES1 Resistivity of Pad 1
RES2 Resistivity of Pad 2
RES3 Resistivity of Pad 3
RES4 Resistivity of Pad 4
RR Rotation Rate
WN0L Window Zero Lower Edge
WN0U Window Zero Upper Edge
WN1L Window One Lower Edge
WN1U Window One Upper Edge
WN2L Window Two Lower Edge
WN2U Window Two Upper Edge
WN3L Window Three Lower Edge
WN3U Window Three Upper Edge
WN4L Window Four Lower Edge
WN4U Window Four Upper Edge

Related parameters
AMOD Averaging Mode Selection
DANG Dip Angle of the Bedding
DAZI Dip Azimuth of the Bedding
DISO DIP Information Source
JC1 Name of HDT Caliper Number One Channel
JC2 Name of HDT Caliper Number Two Channel
MGD Magnetic Declination Correction Term
OMRL OMRL Processing
RANO Resistivity Anomaly Selection
SFAN Scale Factor of Anomalies

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