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Related channels
ATRT Array Induction Two Foot Rt
ATSWI Array Induction Two Foot Radial Water Saturation Image
DPHZ Standard Resolution Density Porosity
GR Gamma Ray
GTEM Generalized Borehole Temperature
LITHO_PATT Lithology Pattern
LRGB Legacy Lithology Color
NPOR Enhanced Thermal Neutron Porosity in Selected Lithology
PEFZ Standard Resolution Formation Photoelectric Factor
PGAS Gas-corrected Porosity
PHIE Effective Porosity
PXND Crossplot Porosity for Neutron-Density
RHGX Grain Density from Crossplot Porosity
RHOZ Standard Resolution Formation Density
RMFA Apparent Mud Filtrate Resistivity
RT True Resistivity
RWA Apparent Formation Water Resistivity
RXOZ Invaded Formation Resistivity filtered at 18 inches
SGAS Gas Saturation
SP Spontaneous Potential
SW Water Saturation
UMA Apparent Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Matrix
VCL Volume of Clay Type Material Relative to Total Volume

Related parameters
A Constant A of the Archie Formation Factor - Porosity Equation
BSAL Borehole Salinity
DCOD Density Detection Level for Coal
DSAD Density Detection Level for Salt
EXSICL External Shale Indicator Channel Clean Value
EXSISH External Shale Indicator Channel Shale Value
FD Fluid Density
GDD Gas Downhole Density
M Exponent M of the Archie Formation Factor - Porosity Equation
MATR Rock Matrix for Neutron Porosity Corrections
MDEN Matrix Density for Density Porosity
N N Exponent in SW Formula
NCOD Neutron Detection Level for Coal
NSAD Neutron Detection Level for Salt
PHIECUT Cutoff on PHIE to compute Zone of Interest Flag
PHIMAX Maximum Porosity Limit
RW Connate Water Resistivity
SWCUT Cutoff on Water Saturation to compute Zone of Interest Flag
TWS Connate Water Temperature
VCL_SELECT Clay Indicator Selection
WSAP_GAS_TYPE Gas Type Selection

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