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DescriptionGeoFrame Charisma-Fun based module for computing quicklook log based on CSU Cyberlook

Related channels
BADF Bad Hole Flag
DCAL Differential Caliper
HRUG Hole Rugosity (computed as second derivative of caliper with respect to depth)
PHIT Total Porosity: includes all forms of porosity, including that occupied by bound fluids, and is independent of rock and fluid materials and of environmental effects
PIGN Effective Porosity, VISO, VPAR, and Bound Water Removed
PWI Producible Water Index
RHGA Apparent Grain Density
RMFA Apparent Mud Filtrate Resistivity
RT True Resistivity
RWA Apparent Formation Water Resistivity
SUWI Non-Clay Water Intergranular Water Saturation for Undisturbed Zone
SXBW Flushed Zone Bound Water Saturation
SXWI Non-Clay Water Intergranular Water Saturation for the Flushed Zone
VCAR Volume Fraction of Carbonate Relative to Total Volume
VCL Volume of Clay Type Material Relative to Total Volume
VCL1 Volume of Clay 1 Relative to Total Volume
VMHY Volume of Moved Hydrocarbon Relative to Total Volume
VSAN Volume of Sandstone Relative to Total Volume
VUGA Volume of Gas in Undisturbed Zone
VUOI Volume of Oil in Undisturbed Zone
VUWA Volume of Water in Undisturbed Zone
VXBW Volume of Bound Water in Flushed Zone
VXGA Volume of Gas in Flushed Zone
VXOI Volume of Oil in Flushed Zone
VXWA Volume of Water in Flushed Zone

Related parameters
EXBHMN External Bad Hole Indicator Channel Minimum Value
EXBHMX External Bad Hole Indicator Channel Maximum Value
EXSICL External Shale Indicator Channel Clean Value
EXSISH External Shale Indicator Channel Shale Value
FMODEL Formation Model (0=Carbonate,1=ShalySand)
HYD_RATIO Hydrocarbon Ratio (Flushed/Undisturbed)
LH_CORR Light Hydrocarbon Correction (0=Off, 1=On)
SXO_ZP Flushed Zone Water Saturation (Sxo) Zone Parameter

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