Mnemonics, Software product, POROSPECT

DescriptionPorosity Spectrum Analysis from Borehole Electrical Images

Related channels
CHANNEL1 Generic Unitless 1D Array
FMS4 The full FMS 4-pad data array, contains all 64 button channels
LLS Laterolog Shallow Resistivity
PHIT Total Porosity: includes all forms of porosity, including that occupied by bound fluids, and is independent of rock and fluid materials and of environmental effects
PIGN Effective Porosity, VISO, VPAR, and Bound Water Removed
VISO Volume of Isolated Fluid Relative to Total Volume

Related parameters
M Exponent M of the Archie Formation Factor - Porosity Equation
PARAMETER1 Generic Unitless Parameter 1
PARAMETER2 Generic Unitless Parameter 2
PARAMETER3 Generic Unitless Parameter 3
PARAMETER4 Generic Unitless Parameter 4
PMAX Maximum Total Porosity
PMIN Minimum Total Porosity
SKIP TT Skips per Twizzle

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