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DescriptionPorosity Transforms

Related channels
DPHI Density Porosity
DT Delta-T (also called Slowness or Interval Transit Time)
DTCO Delta-T Compressional
DTLF Delta-T Long Spacing Far
DTLN Delta-T Long Spacing Near
NPHI Thermal Neutron Porosity (original Ratio Method) in Selected Lithology
NPOR Enhanced Thermal Neutron Porosity in Selected Lithology
PEF Photoelectric Factor
PHIC TDT Count Rate Porosity
PHIF PHIT Flag Indicating Method Used for Computation
PHIT Total Porosity: includes all forms of porosity, including that occupied by bound fluids, and is independent of rock and fluid materials and of environmental effects
PHITDT TDT Porosity for the current matrix
PXND Crossplot Porosity for Neutron-Density
PXNS Crossplot Porosity for Neutron-Sonic
PXSD Crossplot Porosity for Sonic-Density
RHG1 Density of Mineral 1
RHG2 Density of Mineral 2
RHG3 Density of Mineral 3
RHGT Grain Density Based on PHIT
RHGX Grain Density from Crossplot Porosity
RHOB Bulk Density
RHOM Corrected Bulk Density
SPHI Sonic Porosity
TNPH Thermal Neutron Porosity (Ratio Method) in Selected Lithology
U Volumetric Photoelectric Factor
UMA Apparent Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Matrix
VELC Compressional Velocity
VM Matrix Identification M, for M-N Plot
VN Matrix Identification N, for M-N Plot

Related parameters
CP Compaction Correction Factor
DTD Delta-T of Dolomite in Four Mineral Option
DTF Delta-T Fluid
MFS Mud Filtrate Salinity
MFST Mud Filtrate Sample Temperature
PEFM Photoelectric Factor of Mud for LDT
RHO1 Manual Option: Matrix Density of Main Mineral
RHO2 Manual Option: Matrix Density of Second Mineral
RHO3 Density of Mineral 3
RHOD Density of Dolomite
RHOF Density of the Formation Fluid
RMF Mud Filtrate Resistivity
UF Volumetric Photoelectric Factor of Fluid

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