Mnemonics, Software product, PPW

DescriptionPowerPlan component for Pore Pressure Analysis

Related channels
FPR Pressure Needed to Fracture
FRAC Fracture Pressure Gradient
ISSH Bitwise flag with various statuses indicating whether a particular depth should be interpreted as a shale
OBMW Overburden Gradient expressed as Mud Weight
OPG Overburden Pressure Gradient
OPRS Overburden Pressure
PFPG Fracture pressure gradient
PPGI Pore Pressure Gradient
PPMW Computed pore pressure expressed in mud weight density
PPRS Pore Pressure
RBCP Composite Bulk Density constructed from various other density channels
RBEX Bulk Density generated from a curve fit through sparse points
RBGD Bulk Density computed using Gardner's method
RBTG Bulk Density computed using Trougott's method

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