Mnemonics, Software product, PRECDR

DescriptionPrePlus module for CDR Tool

Related channels
ATDN_R Raw Attenuation Down
ATRP Corrected Attenuation Resistivity for PCAL Hole Size
ATTN_R Raw Attenuation
ATUP_R Raw Attenuation Up
AVG_PHASE Average Phase Measured at a Number of Receivers
DECC Borehole Compensated Dielectric Constant
DECD Dielectric Constant Measured Down
DECU Dielectric Constant Measured Up
DERC Borehole Compensated Dielectric Resistivity
DERD Dielectric Resistivity Measured Down
DERU Dielectric Resistivity Measured Up
MRES Mud Resistivity
PSDN_R Raw Phase Shift Down
PSHF_R Raw Phase Shift
PSRP Corrected Phase Shift Resistivity for PCAL Hole Size
PSUM Sum of all the Phase Measurements
PSUP_R Raw Phase Shift Up
TABR Time After Bit for Resistivity Measurement

Related parameters
HSCO Hole Size Correction Option
PSOF Phase Shift Offset
SSIZ_CDR CDR Stabilizer Diameter
TSIZ_CDR CDR Tool Diameter

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