Mnemonics, Software product, RAB_INVERSION

NameRAB Inversion
DescriptionRAB Inversion

Related channels
CALI_TL Caliper
DI Diameter of Invasion
FLAG General Indicator Flag
GR_RAB RAB Gamma Ray
GREZ Global Reconstruction Error - Standard Resolution
HD Hole Diameter
IHV Integrated Hole Volume
IMHY Integrated Movable Hydrocarbons
MRES Mud Resistivity
RPM Rotational Speed
RT True Resistivity
RTT Theoretical RT Value
RWA Apparent Formation Water Resistivity
RXO Flushed Zone Resistivity
RXOT Theoretical RXO Value
TEMP Computed Borehole Temperature

Related parameters
GR_SHAL Gamma Ray response parameter for Shale
MST Mud Sample Temperature
PARAMETER1 Generic Unitless Parameter 1
PARAMETER2 Generic Unitless Parameter 2
PARAMETER3 Generic Unitless Parameter 3
PARAMETER4 Generic Unitless Parameter 4
PARAMETER5 Generic Unitless Parameter 5
RMS Resistivity of Mud Sample
RWF Free Water Resistivity
RWT Connate Water Temperature

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