Mnemonics, Software product, RFTI

DescriptionRFT Interpretation

Related channels
FP Formation Pressure
GPOT Gradient of Pressure Potential
HYDP Hydrostatic Pressure
KD Draw-down Permeability
KKKK Permeability-Thickness Unit
PPOT Pressure Potential
SMOB Mobility from Spherical Build-up

Related parameters
APP Automatic PTIM Picks
C1V Pretest Chamber 1 Volume
C2V Pretest Chamber 2 Volume
CTOT Total Compressibility of Rock and Fluid
DMSP Display Motor Speed
MFS Mud Filtrate Salinity
MTD Measured Tie Depth
MVIS Mud Filtrate Viscosity
PDES Plot Destination
PGS Pressure Gauge Selection
PHI Porosity
PIR Probe Inner Radius
PPDT Percent of Mud pressure to control Dry Tests
PPEN Plot Pen
PPLD Pressure Limit for Dry Tests
RESG Gauge Resolution
RPPT RFT Probe/Packer Type
SCMP Scaling Mode for Plots: AUTO (default) or MANU
SCV Sample Chamber Volume
TMUD Drilling Mud Type
TVTD True Vertical Tie Depth
WVIS Water Viscosity

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