Mnemonics, Software product, RST_SPECTROLITH

DescriptionSpectroLith Geochemical Lithology

Related channels
CCA ECS Capture Calcium Relative Yield
CFE ECS Capture Iron Relative Yield (Corrected)
CGD ECS Capture Gadolinium Relative Yield
CSI ECS Capture Silicon Relative Yield
CSUL ECS Capture Sulfur Relative Yield (Corrected)
CTI ECS Capture Titanium Relative Yield
DWAL Dry Weight Aluminum
DWCA Dry Weight Calcium
DWFE Dry Weight Iron
DWGD Dry Weight Gadolinium
DWSI Dry Weight Silicon
DWSU Dry Weight Sulfur
DWTI Dry Weight Titanium
SIMA Sigma Matrix Apparent
WANH Dry Weight Anhydrite
WCAR Weight Percent Of Carbonate
WCLA Dry Weight Clay
WSAN Weight Percent Of Sand

Related parameters
PARAMETER1 Generic Unitless Parameter 1
PARAMETER2 Generic Unitless Parameter 2
PARAMETER3 Generic Unitless Parameter 3
PARAMETER4 Generic Unitless Parameter 4

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