Mnemonics, Software product, RUNIT_SYNTHETICS

NameCharisma Synthetics
Description1D Synthetic Seismogram Generation, matching with Surface Seismic Response, Wavelet Generation and Estimation

Related channels
AIMP Acoustic Impedance
AVGV Average Seismic Velocity
DATA Unknown Data Channel
DENS Densities Channel
DT Delta-T (also called Slowness or Interval Transit Time)
INTV Average Interval Velocity
ISAM Instantaneous Amplitude (Reflection Strength)
ISFQ Instantaneous Frequency
ISPH Instantaneous Phase
REFL Reflection Coefficient
RHOB Bulk Density
RMSV Root Mean Square Velocity (Seismic)
SD01 Seismic Data Trace # 1
SMUL Synthetic Seismogram (Convolved Primaries + Multiples)
SPRM Synthetic Seismogram (Convolved Primaries)
SREF Synthetic Seismogram (Convolved Reflection Data)
SWAV Seismogram Wavelet
SYNTHETIC_SEISMIC_SECTION Seismic section created from synthetic traces or by extracting data from an actual seismic section.
TIME Time Index
TVD True Vertical Depth
VELO Velocity Model SDF

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