Mnemonics, Software product, SONIC_SCANNER_LOAD

NameSonic Scanner Load
DescriptionSonic Scanner Data PreProcess

Related parameters
AVE_BED_DIP Average Bedding Dip Magnitude (Deviation of Upward Normal of the Bedding Plane from the Vertical)
BOT_BED_DIP Bedding Angle at the Bottom Frame
SLIDING_WINDOW_LENGTH Length of the Sliding Window Used for Processing
TKO_FRQ_HIGH Time-Wavenumber-Order (Pronys Analysis), Filter High Cut Frequency
TKO_FRQ_LOW Time-Wavenumber-Order (Pronys Analysis), Filter Low Cut Frequency
TKO_MODEL_ORDER Time-Wavenumber-Order (Pronys Analysis), Model Order for Dispersion Analysis
TKO_TOL Time-Wavenumber-Order (Pronys Analysis), Tolerance for Dispersion Analysis
TOP_BED_DIP Bedding Angle at the Top Frame

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