Mnemonics, Software product, SURVEY

DescriptionSurvey Computations include Direction and Inclination (DnI) Initialization parameters and are used for well trajectory computations

Related channels
INT_START Interval Start Index
INT_STOP Interval Stop Index
PSTN_ID Parent Station Unique ID
PSTN_NUM Parent Station Number
QUALITY_IDX Survey Quality Index Type
SRC_LAP Source Logical Acquisition Pass Identification
STN_ID Station Unique ID
STN_NUM Station Ordinal Number
STN_SEQ_NUM Station Sequence Number
STN_SRC_RUN Station Source Run Identification
STN_STATUS Station Status
STN_TYPE Station Type
SVY_DESC_IDX Survey Description Index
WDS_TYPE Well Deviation Survey Type

Related parameters
DELT_LOCB Reference Acceptance Criteria for Magnetic Flux Density
DELT_LOCG Reference Acceptance Criteria for Gravitational Field Strength
DELT_MDIP Reference Acceptance Criteria for Magnetic Dip Angle
DELT_USER_LOCB Acceptance Criteria for Magnetic Flux Density
DELT_USER_LOCG Acceptance Criteria for Gravitational Field Strength
DELT_USER_MDEC Acceptance Criteria for Magnetic Declination
DELT_USER_MDIP Acceptance Criteria for Magnetic Dip Angle
DMAG_CORR_ON Enable DMAG Correction
DNI_DATE Direction and Inclination Inits Calculation Date
DNI_RUNNUM Direction and Inclination Inits Zone Run Number
EAE Estimated Azimuth Error
EDI Estimated Drillstring Interference
ETIP Elevation of the TIP above MSL
LOCB Magnetic Flux Density
LOCG Gravitational Field Strength
MDEC Magnetic Field Declination
MDIP Magnetic Dip Angle
OVERIDE_LOCB Override Magnetic Flux Density
OVERIDE_LOCG Override Gravitational Field Strength
OVERIDE_MAGDEC Override Magnetic Declination Angle
OVERIDE_MAGDIP Override Magnetic Dip Angle
SAG_CORR_ON Enable Sag Correction
TOTC Total Azimuthal Correction
USER_LOCB User-supplied values for Magnetic Flux Density
USER_LOCG User-supplied values for Gravitational Field Strength
USER_MDEC User-supplied values for Magnetic Declination
USER_MDIP User-supplied values for Magnetic Dip Angle

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