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DescriptionThermal Decay Quicklook

Related channels
ASIG Apparent Sigma Water
BVW Bulk Volume Water
FPMA Flag for Porosity Maximum
FVSH Flag for Volume of Shale
GI Gas Index
PHIC TDT Count Rate Porosity
PHIE Effective Porosity
PHIT Total Porosity: includes all forms of porosity, including that occupied by bound fluids, and is independent of rock and fluid materials and of environmental effects
PHIT_TDQL Total porosity computed by TDQL
PHTM Total porosity corrected for matrix using RHGA
PROD Producibility Function
RFI Relative Flow Indicator
SGI Sigma Gas Indicator
SW Water Saturation
SWT Total Water Saturation
VSEX Volume of Shale, External Source
VSGR Volume of Shale from Gamma Ray
VSH Volume of Shale
VSSI Volume of Shale from SIGMA
VSSP Volume of Shale from SP
VSTP Volume of Shale from TDT Porosity
WSIG Sigma Water

Related parameters
BSIG Sigma Bound Water
BSSO Source of Borehole Salinity Data
BVWI Bulk Volume of Water Irreducible
CPS TDT Count Rate Porosity Sensitivity
CTPM Option to correct total porosity for matrix using RHGA (1=Yes, 0=No)
ESIF External Shale Indicator Flag
F1FA TDT Far Fluid Count Rate A
F1FB TDT Far Fluid Count Rate B
FGAS TDT Far Gas Count Rate
FPHIT Flag to indicate whether total porosity is present (1=Yes, 0=No)
FSF TDT Far Scale Factor for Count Rate Porosity
FSON Sonic Presence Flag
FSPHI Flag to indicate whether sonic porosity is present (1=Yes, 0=No)
GRCL Gamma Ray Clean Line
GRSH Gamma Ray Shale
GSIF Gamma Ray Shale Indicator Flag
HSIG Sigma Hydrocarbon
MSIG Matrix Sigma
N1FA TDT Near Fluid Count Rate A
N1FB TDT Near Fluid Count Rate B
NGAS TDT Near Gas Count Rate
PMAX Maximum Total Porosity
PMIN Minimum Total Porosity
PSLC Porosity Source Local Computation Selector
PSOU Porosity Source
RHGA Average Grain Density
SCLE Minimum Sigma Shale
SFF Saraband Function Former Flag
SIFW Sigma of Free Water
SMRP Sigma Type for TDT-M Ratio Porosity
SMSS Sigma Type for TDT Shale and SW Determination
SPCL SP Clean Line
SPIF SP Bound Water Indicator
SSHA Maximum Sigma Shale
SSIF Sigma Shale Indicator Flag
TRG TDT Ratio Gain
TRZ TDT Ratio Zero Shift
TSCL TDT Porosity Shale Parameter (Clean)
TSIF TDT Shale Indicator Flag
TSSH TDT Porosity Shale Parameter (Shaly)

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