Mnemonics, Software product, VEL_FIL_GEN

DescriptionBorSeis Batch Module: Generalized Mean/Median Velocity filter

Related parameters
INPUT_CLUSTER_VECT Vector of input Clusters to be processed
MAX_GAIN Maximum gain
NB_SAMPLES_IN_WINDOW Number of samples in a window
NB_TRACES_IN_WINDOW Numbers of traces in a window across traces
ORDERSET OrderSet Number e.g. 0 = OS00, 1 = OS01, i = OSi
OUTPUT_CLUSTER_VECT Vector of Cluster output by the processing
PROCESS_FLAG_VECT Set of Flags used inside of one process
PROCESS_TYPE_VECT Set of options used inside of one process
TIME_HEADER_NAME_VECT Vector of names of selected trace time headers
TIME_SHIFT Time to be subtracted from a selected trace time header value

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