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DisciplineWell Testing
DescriptionWireline Formation Tester Interpretation

Related channels
BOTDEP Bottom Depth
DENSGRAD Density Gradient
DENSGRADERR Density Gradient Error
DISPFFL Display Free Fluid Level
DISPFFLERR Display Free Fluid Level Error Annotation
DISPGRAD Display Gradient
DISPGRADERR Display Gradient Error Annotation
FFLCOMGRADID Identifier of the Free Fluid Level Companion Gradient
FFLDEP Free Fluid Level Depth
FFLERR Free Fluid Level Error
GRADID Gradient Identifier
GRADMODE Gradient Update Mode
INCL_EXCL_PTS Include or Exclude Points
LPRLI Left Pressure Limit
LTEMPLI Left Temperature Limit
MUDGRADTYP Mud Gradient Type
NUMPNT Number of Points
PRGRAD Pressure Gradient
PRGRADERR Pressure Gradient Error
PRGRADORDENS Pressure Gradient or Density Annotation
PRINRCPT Pressure Intercept
PRINRCPTERR Pressure Intercept Error
PRSTD Pressure Standard Deviation
RSQUARED R Squared Statistic
RTPRLI Right Pressure Limit
RTTEMPLI Right Temperature Limit
SUMRECSRC Source Tool Path
TEMPGRAD Temperature Gradient
TEMPGRADERR Temperature Gradient Error
TEMPINRCPT Temperature Intercept
TEMPSTD Temperature Standard Deviation
TOPDEP Top Depth
WMUDERR Density (Weight) of Mud Error

Related parameters
DRLGTRACKS Display Request for Log Graphics Tracks from all Sampling Points in the Run
DRYTSTDEPLIS Dry Tests Depth List
DTEMPTIMSRC Default Temperature Time Source
IALLDSUMLIST Include All Tests in the Detailed Summary Listing?
IALLFRID Include All the Flow Regime Identification Plots in Client Product?
IALLGSUMLIST Include All Tests in the General Summary Listing?
IALLPVST Include All the Pressure Versus Time Plots in Client Product?
IALLRDPLT Include All the Radial Analysis Plots in Client Product?
IALLSFAPLT Include All the Superflow Analysis Plots in Client Product?
IALLSFASUMLIST Include All Tests in the Superflow Analysis Summary Listing?
IALLSPPLT Include All the Spherical Analysis Plots in Client Product?
IDRYTST Automatically Include Dry Tests in the Gradient Calculation and Log
ILOSTSEAL Automatically Include Lost Seal Tests from the Gradient Calculation and Log
LOSTSEALDEPLIS Lost Seal Tests Depth List
PNTFILLSEL Point Fill Selection

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