Mnemonics, Software product, WSDRUN

DescriptionHorizon Well Site Data Parameters for Run Scope

Related parameters
BLI Bottom Log Interval
CONTYP Conveyance Type
DEP_SOURCE Depth Source (Wireline Depth or Driller Depth) in Local Language
DEPREM1 Depth Remark 1
DEPREM2 Depth Remark 2
DEPREM3 Depth Remark 3
DEPREM4 Depth Remark 4
DEPREM5 Depth Remark 5
DEPREM6 Depth Remark 6
DTCRS Time (and date) circulation stopped
DTLAB Date Time Logger at Bottom
ENGI Engineer's Name
FILTER_DEPTH_JUMP Flag to filter abnormal depth data jump
HVCMP_OPTIONS Type of Wave Motion Compensation used
LOGSEQ Log Sequence
LOGTYP Type of log
LSRV Type of service
R1 Remarks Line 1
R10 Remarks Line 10
R2 Remarks Line 2
R3 Remarks Line 3
R4 Remarks Line 4
R5 Remarks Line 5
R6 Remarks Line 6
R7 Remarks Line 7
R8 Remarks Line 8
R9 Remarks Line 9
RLDT Reference Log Date (dd-MMM-yyyy)
RLNM Reference Log Name
RLRN Reference Log Run Number
RUCOR Rig Up Length correction
RULB Rig Up Length at Bottom
RULS Rig Up Length at Surface
RUN_BDATE Run Begin Date/Time
RUN_DESC Run Description
RUN_EDATE Run End Date/Time
RUN_SNUM Run Sequence Number
SCORR Cable Stretch Correction
STDLC Subsequent Trip Down Log Correction
TLI Top Log Interval
TOOLS Tool or tool string
WITN Witness's Name
ZRCS Tool Zero Reference Check at Surface

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