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DescriptionHorizon Well Site Data Parameters for Well Scope

Related parameters
ACTIVESERV Primary ACTive Service
ACTIVESERV1 Additional ACTive Service 1
ACTIVESERV2 Additional ACTive Service 2
ACTIVESERV3 Additional ACTive Service 3
BAP Elevation of the cellar base, for on-shore wells
BASI Name of the sedimentary basin in which the well was drilled
CLAB County/Parish Label, used with the COUN parameter (default value "County:")
CN Company Name
CN1 Company Name, Line 1
CONT_REGION Continent Region Options
COUN County or Parish
DEPTH_SYS_TYPE Depth System Type
DSSN Depth System Serial Number
FL Field Location
FL1 Field Location, Line 1
FL2 Field Location, Line 2
FN Field Name
HDAT Coordinate system adopted
LCC Logging Company Code (API DLIS Company Code)
LCC1 Logging Company Name
LNAM Identification mnemonic for the logging operation
LUL Logging Unit Location
LUN Logging Unit Number
NATI Nation
OPER Operator Code (API DLIS Company Code)
RANG Range
RIGN Rig Name
SECT Section
SLAB State/Province Label, used with the STAT parameter (default value "State:")
SON Service Order Number
SPUD_DATE Start date when the well drilling began
STAT State or Province
TDD Total Depth (Driller)
TOWN Township
UWID Unique Well Identifier
UWID_OPTIONS Unique Well ID Options
WN Well Name
WR1 Well Remark 1
WR10 Well Remark 10
WR2 Well Remark 2
WR3 Well Remark 3
WR4 Well Remark 4
WR5 Well Remark 5
WR6 Well Remark 6
WR7 Well Remark 7
WR8 Well Remark 8
WR9 Well Remark 9

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