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DisciplineWell Testing
DescriptionWell Test Quicklook

Related channels
ACCL Averaged Casing Collar Locator
DQGA Differential Flow Rate Gas Phase
DQGD Differential Flow Gas Downhole
DQOD Differential Flow Oil Downhole
DQOI Differential Flow Rate Oil Phase
DQTD Differential Downhole Total Flow
DQWA Differential Flow Rate Water Phase
GASQ Gas Phase Surface Flowrate
OILQ Oil Phase Surface Flowrate
QGD Downhole Gas Flowrate
VT Total Velocity
WATQ Water Phase Flowrate

Related parameters
ACST Acidization Status
AETO Agarwal Effective Delta-Time Option
BG Gas Formation Volume Factor, Bg
BHCS Bottomhole Choke Size
BO Oil Formation Volume Factor, Bo
BPP Bubble Point Pressure
BPT Bubble Point Temperature
BSOL Basic Solids
BW Water Formation Volume Factor, Bw
CE2S Wellbore Storage exp(2*Skin)
CG Gas Compressibility
CGRA Gas Gravity
CO1 Comment #1
CO10 Comment #10
CO11 Comment #11
CO12 Comment #12
CO13 Comment #13
CO14 Comment #14
CO2 Comment #2
CO3 Comment #3
CO4 Comment #4
CO5 Comment #5
CO6 Comment #6
CO7 Comment #7
CO8 Comment #8
CO9 Comment #9
COL1 Comment Label 1
COL2 Comment Label 2
CSID Casing Inner Diameter
CTOT Total Compressibility of Rock and Fluid
DANO Distance to an Anomaly
DASF Drainage Area Shape
DEVI Well Section Deviation
DRA Drainage Area
DRS Drainage Area
DSCI Drill String Collar Internal Diameter
DSCL Drill String Collar Length
DSPI Drill String Pipe Internal Diameter
DSPL Drill String Pipe Length
DTBL Delta_T Begin Line
DTEL Delta-T End Line
DTPT Total Production Time based on Drainage Area
DVT Downhole Valve (Y/N)/Type
DWBS Wellbore Storage from Log-Log Plot
EFP Extrapolated (False) Pressure
FDSH Fluid Density Shift
FE Flow Efficiency
FFPV Fluid Filled Pore Volume
FRST Fracture Status
FTU Fluid Type Used for Analysis
FUT Formation under test
FVF Formation Volume Factor
GCT Gas Cushion Type
GOR Gas Oil Ratio
GPCP Gas Pseudo Critical Pressure
GPCT Gas Pseudo Critical Temperature
GRPR Gas Reference Pressure
GVIS Gas Viscosity
HDU Header Depth Units
IBG 1/Gas Formation Volume Factor, 1/Bg
IDIF Interval of Differentiation (Decades)
IHP Initial Hydrostatic Pressure
IRP Initial Reservoir Pressure
KF Permeability of the Formation
KTF Permeability Thickness of the Formation
LCLE Liquid Cushion Length
LCTY Liquid Cushion Type
LE2S Lambda exp(-2*Skin)
LWBS Wellbore Storage from log(deltaP) vs. log(deltaT)
MODB Model of Behavior
MSDP Memory Storage Delta Pressure
NPAY Net Pay
NSPH Number of Samples per Hour to store in memory
NTHR Negative Spinner Threshold
ODEN Oil Density
OGRA Surface Oil Gravity
OVIS Oil Viscosity
PACD Packer Depths
PBAR Average Reservoir Pressure
PBOV Pressure Used To Compute BO, BPP, OVIS
PDDS Pressure Drop due to Skin
PDES Plot Destination
PERD Perforation Diameter
PGD Pressure Gauge Depth
PGS Pressure Gauge Selection
PGTY Pressure Gauge Type
PHI Porosity
PI Productivity Index
PLET Plot End Time
PLST Plot Start Time
PMTC Pressure Match to Type Curve (PD/Delta-P)
POTS Potentiometric Surface
PRMT Pressure Match Tolerance
PRP1 Pipe Recovery Fluid Properties #1
PRP2 Pipe Recovery Fluid Properties #2
PRP3 Pipe Recovery Fluid Properties #3
PRP4 Pipe Recovery Fluid Properties #4
PRP5 Pipe Recovery Fluid Properties #5
PRT1 Pipe Recovery Fluid Type #1
PRT2 Pipe Recovery Fluid Type #2
PRT3 Pipe Recovery Fluid Type #3
PRT4 Pipe Recovery Fluid Type #4
PRT5 Pipe Recovery Fluid Type #5
PRV1 Pipe Recovery Fluid Volume #1
PRV2 Pipe Recovery Fluid Volume #2
PRV3 Pipe Recovery Fluid Volume #3
PRV4 Pipe Recovery Fluid Volume #4
PRV5 Pipe Recovery Fluid Volume #5
PSEP Pressure at Separator
PTHR Positive Spinner Threshold
PV1 Previous Test Results Line 1
PV10 Previous Test Results Line 10
PV2 Previous Test Results Line 2
PV3 Previous Test Results Line 3
PV4 Previous Test Results Line 4
PV5 Previous Test Results Line 5
PV6 Previous Test Results Line 6
PV7 Previous Test Results Line 7
PV8 Previous Test Results Line 8
PV9 Previous Test Results Line 9
PWI Pressure of Well Initially
PZOF Presentation Zone Offset
QGAS Gas Flowrate
QIOP Flow Interpretation Option
QOIL Oil Flowrate
RHOS Density Selector
RI Radius of Investigation
RMOD Receiver Mode
RSMO Reservoir Model
SBRC Averaged Spinner Speed before Rate Change
SCGL Sample Chamber Gas Liquid Ratio
SCGO Sample Chamber Gas Oil Ratio
SCMP Scaling Mode for Plots: AUTO (default) or MANU
SCP1 Sample Chamber Fluid Properties #1
SCP2 Sample Chamber Fluid Properties #2
SCP3 Sample Chamber Fluid Properties #3
SCP4 Sample Chamber Fluid Properties #4
SCRP Sample Chamber Recovery Pressure
SCT1 Sample Chamber Fluid Type #1
SCT2 Sample Chamber Fluid Type #2
SCT3 Sample Chamber Fluid Type #3
SCT4 Sample Chamber Fluid Type #4
SCV1 Sample Chamber Fluid Volume #1
SCV2 Sample Chamber Fluid Volume #2
SCV3 Sample Chamber Fluid Volume #3
SCV4 Sample Chamber Fluid Volume #4
SDEN Shot Density
SE1 Sequence of Events during Test Line 1
SE10 Sequence of Events during Test Line 10
SE2 Sequence of Events during Test Line 2
SE3 Sequence of Events during Test Line 3
SE4 Sequence of Events during Test Line 4
SE5 Sequence of Events during Test Line 5
SE6 Sequence of Events during Test Line 6
SE7 Sequence of Events during Test Line 7
SE8 Sequence of Events during Test Line 8
SE9 Sequence of Events during Test Line 9
SEXT Spinner Extrapolation Time
SHFS Spinner Shift relative to Pressure
SKIN Skin Factor
SLIC Slider Correction
SPIS Spinner Selector
SRS Spinner Response Slope
STL1 STAR Label 1
STL2 STAR Label 2
STL3 STAR Label 3
STL4 STAR Label 4
SVAM Minimum Acceptable Spinner Value
T0ST T0 Start Time
TBOV Temperature To Calculate BO, BPP, OVIS
TCSH Thru Tubing Caliper Shift
TEMT Temperature Match Tolerance
TF Thickness of Formation
TFLR Total Fluid Recovered
THP Tubing Head Pressure
TI1 Tubing Internal Diameter #1
TI2 Tubing Internal Diameter #2
TIMS Time Selection
TINT Test Interval
TIRA Threshold Intercept Ratio
TL1 Tubing Length #1
TL2 Tubing Length #2
TMPS Temperature Selector
TMTC Time Match to Type Curve {(TD/CD)/Delta-T}
TNUM Test Number
TOJ0 Time of Job Zero Point
TP1 Test Procedures Line 1
TP10 Test Procedures Line 10
TP2 Test Procedures Line 2
TP3 Test Procedure Line 3
TP4 Test Procedures Line 4
TP5 Test Procedures Line 5
TP6 Test Procedures Line 6
TP7 test Procedures Line 7
TP8 Test Procedures Line 8
TP9 Test Procedures Line 9
TPT Total Production Time
TRA Transmissibility
TSIN Time of Shut In
TTES Type of Test
TTVD Total True Vertical Depth
UGP User Gas Properties
VERS Verification Selector
VPCF Velocity Profile Correction Factor
VTS Total Velocity Selector
WBSC Wellbore Storage Constant
WDD Water Downhole Density
WR Wellbore Radius
WSAL Water Salinity
WSAT Water Saturation
WTT Well Test Type
WVIS Water Viscosity

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