Mnemonics, Properties, Amplitude

Parents Property
DescriptionThe extent or range of a property; especially, the maximum departure of a wave from its average value.

Related children
Acoustic_Amplitude Acoustic Amplitude
Amplitude_Difference Amplitude Difference
Amplitude_Estimate Amplitude Estimate
Avg_Amplitude Average Amplitude
Avg_Peak_Amplitude Average Peak Amplitude
Avg_Trough_Amplitude Avg Trough Amplitude
Echo_Amplitude Echo Amplitude
Integrated_Trace Integrated Trace
Longitudinal_Amplitude Longitudinal Amplitude
Max_Amplitude Maximum Amplitude
Min_Amplitude Minimum Amplitude
Noise_Amplitude Noise Amplitude
Peak_Peak_Delta_Amplitude Peak Peak Delta Amplitude
Peak_Trough_Delta_Amplitude Peak Trough Delta Amplitude
Post_Cursor_Amplitude Post-Cursor Amplitude
Pre_Cursor_Amplitude Pre-Cursor Amplitude
Reflection_Heterogeneity Reflection Heterogeneity
RMS_Amplitude RMS Amplitude
Rover_Amplitude Rover Amplitude
Signal_Amplitude Signal Amplitude
Sum_Amplitude Sum Amplitude
Transverse_Amplitude Transverse Amplitude
Trough_Peak_Delta_Amplitude Trough Peak Delta Amplitude
Trough_Trough_Delta_Amplitude Trough Trough Delta Amplitude
Volume_Reflection_Spectrum Volume Reflection Spectrum
X_Transverse_Amplitude Multi-Component Transverse X
Y_Transverse_Amplitude Multi-Component Transverse Y
Z_Transverse_Amplitude Multi-Component Transverse Z

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