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Parents Property
DescriptionThe code, mnemonic, or identifier used to enumerate types, occurrences, or instances of some property or entity.

Related children
Activity_Code Activity Code
Alphacode Alphacode
American_Aircraft_Regulation American Aircraft Regulation
Array_Code Array Code
Axis_Index_Code Axis Index Code
Battery_Code Battery Code
Burner_Code Burner Code
Business_Line_Code Business Line Code
Calibration_Coefficient_Code Calibration Coefficient Code
Centralizer_Code Centralizer Code
Choke_Manifold_Code Choke Manifold Code
Constraint_Code Constraint Code
Container_Code Container Code
Coord_Sys_Transform_Code Coord Sys Transform Code
Coordinate_System_Code Coordinate System Code
Currency_Code Currency
Dowell_Chemical_Code Dowell Chemical Code
Drill_Bit_Code Drill Bit Code
Drill_Downhole_Tool_Code Drill Downhole Tool Code
Drill_Fluid_Code Drilling Fluid Code
Drill_Hole_Opener_Reamer_Code Drill Hole Opener Code
Drill_Jar_Shock_Code Drill Jar Shock Code
Drill_Motor_Code Drill Bit Motor Code
Drill_Stabilizer_Code Drill Stabilizer Code
Drill_Structure_Code Drill Structure Name
Drill_Survey_Tool_Code Drill Survey Tool Code
Driller_Elevation_Reference_Code Driller Elevation Reference Code
DST_Gauge_Adapter_Code DST Gauge Adapter Code
Element_Code Element Code
Elevation_Reference_Code Elevation Reference Type
Ellipsoid_Code Geodetic Ellipsoid Code
Entity_Code Entity Code
Exposure_Class Exposure Class
Flow_Head_Code Flow Head Code
Geodetic_Datum_Code Geodetic Datum Code
Geologic_Age_Code Geologic Age Code
Geopolitical_Region_Code Geopolitical Region Code
Heat_Exchanger_Code Heater Code
Implementation_Code Implementation Code
International_Aircraft_Regulation International Aircraft Regulation
Item_Code Item Code
Logger_Elevation_Reference_Code Logger Elevation Reference Code
Material_Code Material Code
Mineral_Code Mineral Code
MWD_Tool_Code MWD Tool Code
Namespace_Code Namespace
Nomenclature_Code Item Code
Organization_Code Organization
Packaging_Code Packaging Code
Packaging_Unit Unit
Parent_Code Parent Code
Pressure_Point_Setup_Code Pressure Point Setup
Pressure_Sensor_Code Pressure Sensor Code
Product_Code Code
Property_Code Property Code
Recorder_Code Recorder Code
Representation_Code Representation Code
Rock_Code Rock Code
RP66_Index_Code RP66 Axis Index Code
RP66_Parameter_Code RP66 Parameter Code
Sampling_Bottle_Code Sampling Bottle Code
Sensor_Code Sensor Code
Separator_Code Separator Code
Service_Code Service Code
Surface_Sensor_Code Surface Sensor Code
Tank_Code Tank Code
Temperature_Sensor_Code Temperature Sensor Code
Test_Code Test Code
Tetrahedron_Code Tetrahedron Code
Tubular_Code Tubular Code
Unit_Code Unit
Unit_Dimension_Code Unit Dimension
Unit_Quantity_Code Unit Quantity
Unit_System_Code Unit System
Value_Domain_Code Value Domain Code
Value_Type Value Type
Value_Type_Code Value Type
Vertical_Datum_Code Vertical Datum Code

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