Mnemonics, Properties, Count

Parents Property
DescriptionA number indicating the number of occurrences of something.

Related children
Acid_Treatment_Count Number of acid jobs
Bore_Count Number of Bores
Burner_Head_Count Burner Head Count
Byte_Count Byte Count
Cardinality Cardinality
Cell_Count Cell Count
Centralizer_Count_Per_Joint Centralizer Count Per Joint
Compartment_Count Compartment Count
Completion_Count Number Of Completions
Core_Box_Count Number of Core Boxes
Cutter_Count Number of Cutters
Cycle_Sample_Count Cycle Sample Count
Dimension_Count Number of Dimensions
Element_Count Number of Elements
Fold_CDP CDP Fold
Gauge_Count Gauge Count
Horizon_Sample_Count Horizon Sample Count
Interpretation_Grid_Count Interpretation Grid Count
Job_Count Job Count
Joint_Count Number of Joints
Level_Count Number of Levels
Material_Addition_Count Material Addition Count
Max_Data_Set_Count Max Data Set Count
Max_Gauge_Count Max Gauge Count
Max_Sequence_Count Max Sequence Count
Nom_Station_Increment Nominal Station Increment
Non_Zero_Sample_Count Non-Zero Samples
Nozzle_Count Nozzle Count
Perforation_Count Number of Perforation
Personnel_Count Personnel Count
Personnel_On_Board Personnel On Board
Plunger_Count Number of plungers
Population Population
Port_Count Port Number
QHSE_Report_Count QHSE Report Count
Receiver_Group_Count Number of Receiver Groups
Rotor_Lobe_Count Number of Rotor Lobes
Sample_Count Sample Count
Screen_Count Number of screens
Simulation_Multiple_Count Simulation Multiple Count
Solids_Control_Cone_Count Cone Count
Stage_Count Number of Stages
Stroke_Count Stroke Count
Trace_Count_Receiver Trace Count Receiver
Trace_Count_Source Trace Count Source
Well_Count Number Of Wells
Well_Job_Count Number of jobs
Zero_Crossing_Count Zero Crossings

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