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Parents Property > Time > Absolute_Time
DescriptionThe date, usually expressed in the format of the DBMS; e.g., Oracle date format is dd-mm-yy.

Related children
Abandon_Time Abandonment Time
Award_Date Award Date
Calibration_Date Calibration Date
Completion_Date Completion Date
Core_Date Core Sample Date
Create_Date Date Created
Effective_Date Effective Date
End_Date End Date
Event_Date Event Date
Execution_Date Execution Date
Expiration_Date Expiration Date
Expiry_Date Expiry Date
Grading_Date Grading Date
In_Service_Date Date Placed in Service
Initial_Reservoir_Pressure_Date Date of Initial Reservoir Pressure
Last_Calibration_Date Calibration Date
Load_Date Load Date
Magnetic_Declination_Date Magnetic Declination Date
Model_Year Model Year
Modify_Date Date Modified
Publication_Date Publication Date
Report_Date Report Date
Sale_Date Sale Date
Service_Date Service Date
Spud_Date Spud Date
Start_Date Start Date
Static_Pressure_Date Date Of Static Pressure
Stop_Date Stop Date
Termination_Date Termination Date
Test_Date Test Date
Total_Depth_Date Total Depth Date

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