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DescriptionThe density (mass per unit volume) of a material. Usually at Standard conditions (STP). Also used to indicate the frequency of occurrence.

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API_Gravity API Gravity
Avg_Density Average Density
Bulk_Density Bulk Density
Cement_Density Cement Density/Weight
Density_In Density In
Density_Out Density Out
Filter_Cake_Density Filter Cake Density
Fluid_Density Fluid Density
Frame_Density Frame Density
Gas_Density Gas Density
Grain_Density Grain Density
Hydrocarbon_Density Hydrocarbon Density
Interval_Density Interval Density
Liquid_Density Liquid Density
Max_Density Maximum Density
Min_Density Minimum Density
Mineral_Density Mineral Density
Mud_Density Mud Density
Oil_Density Oil Density
Partial_Density Partial Density
Proppant_Density Proppant Density/Weight
Reservoir_Fluid_Density Reservoir
Reservoir_Mass_Density Reservoir Mass Density
Slurry_Density Slurry Density
Specific_Gravity Specific Gravity
Water_Density Water Density

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