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Parents Property
DescriptionThe repetition rate of a periodic waveform. The inverse of period.

Related children
Acquisition_Rate Acquisition Rate
Band_High_Frequency Band High Frequency
Band_Low_Frequency Band Low Frequency
Baud_Rate Baud Rate
Bit_Rate Bit Rate
Central_Frequency Central Frequency
Count_Rate Count Rate
Dominant_Frequency Dominant Frequency
Frequency_Factor Frequency Factor
Gas_To_Liquid_Ratio_Rate Gas to Liquid Ratio Rate
Generation_Rate_Per_Geologic_Time Generation Rate Per Geologic Time
Liquid_To_Gas_Ratio_Rate Liquid to Gas Ratio Rate
Mass_Fraction_Per_Geologic_Time Mass Fraction Per Geologic Time
Response_Frequency Response Frequency
Shock_Rate Shock Rate
Volume_Rate_Per_Volume Volume Rate Per Volume

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