Mnemonics, Properties, Gradient

Parents Property
DescriptionThe change in the value of a quantity per unit distance in a specified direction.

Related children
Compressional_Velocity_Gradient Compressional Velocity Gradient
Density_Gradient Density Gradient
Drift_Gradient Borehole Drift Gradient
Electric_Field_Strength Electric Field Strength
Electric_Potential_Gradient Electrical Potential Gradient
First_Derivative First Derivative
Flowrate_Gradient Flowrate Gradient
Magnetic_Flux_Density_Gradient Magnetic Flux Density Gradient
Pressure_Gradient Pressure Gradient
Resistance_Gradient Electric Resistance Gradient
Rotation_Gradient Rotation Gradient
Second_Derivative Second Derivative
Shear_Velocity_Gradient Shear Velocity Gradient
Spontaneous_Potential_Drift Spontaneous Potential Drift
Stress_Gradient Stress Gradient
Thermal_Gradient Thermal Gradient
Velocity_Alpha_Factor Alpha Factor
Velocity_Beta_Factor Beta Factor
Velocity_Gamma_Factor Gamma Factor
Velocity_Gradient_In_Depth Velocity Gradient In Depth
Velocity_Gradient_In_Time Velocity Gradient In Time
Velocity_K_Factor K Factor
Wave_Differential_Energy Acoustic Wave Differential Energy

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