Mnemonics, Properties, Identifier

Parents Property
DescriptionA number, label or code given to an object in an attempt to uniquely identify it.

Related children
Activity_Number Activity Number
Agency_Lease_Number Agency Lease Number
API_Code API Code
API_Well_Number API Well Number
Authorization_For_Expenditure AFE
BHA_Number BHA Number
Bid_Number Bid Number
Bit_Number Bit Number
Box_Number Box Number
Company_Lease_Number Company Lease Number
Contact_Symbol Contact Symbol
Contract_Number Contract Number
Housing_Number Housing Number
Issue_Number Issue
Job_Number Job Number
Object_Identifier Object Identifier
Offshore_Block_Number Offshore Block Id
Part_Number Part Number
PI_Code PI Code
PI_Code_Series PI Code Series
Proposal_Number Proposal Number
Purchase_Number Purchase Number
Range_Number Range Number
Sale_Number Sale Number
Sample_Number Sample Number
Sampling_Bottle_Number Sampling Bottle Number
Section_Number Section Number
Serial_Number Serial Number
Sidetrack_Number Sidetrack Number
Standard_Document_Identifier Document
Storage_Label Storage Label
System_Identifier System Identifier
To_Conn_Number To Conn Number
Tool_Number Tool Number
Township_Number Township Number
Treatment_Number Treatment Number
UWI Unique Well Identifier
Version Version

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