Mnemonics, Properties, Modifier

NameModifier Property
DescriptionA modifier is a property that is used to qualify another property (data or relation valued); e.g., Calibrated, Corrected, Computed, Average, etc.

Related children
Apparent Apparent
Average Average
Calibrated Calibrated
Central Central
Computed Computed
Corrected Corrected
Derived Derived
Enhanced Enhanced
Estimated Estimated
Filtered Filtered
Final Final
Gross Gross
High High
Initial Initial
Intermediate Intermediate
Irreducible Irreducible
Low Low
Maximum Maximum
Measured Measured
Median Median
Minimum Minimum
Nascent Nascent
Negative Negative
Net Net
Nominal Nominal
Normalized Normalized
Observed Observed
Positive Positive
Pseudo Pseudo
Raw Raw
Reconstructed Reconstructed
Recorded Recorded
Spliced Spliced
Squared Squared
Stacked Stacked
Statistical Statistical Modifier
Theoretical Theoretical
Total Total
True True

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