Mnemonics, Properties, Multi_Use_Property

NameMulti-Use Property
Parents Property
DescriptionProperty whose meaning can only be interpreted within the context of its use; for example, the meaning of Max_Value requires a context to determine a type of measurement.

Related children
Axis_First_Value First Value
Axis_Spacing Axis Spacing
Bottom_Value Bottom Value
Def_Value_Number Default Value Number
Def_Value_String Default Value String
Explicit_Index Explicit Index
Margin Margin
Max_Calibrated_Value Max Calibrated Value
Max_Index Maximum Index Value
Min_Calibrated_Value Min Calibrated Value
Min_Index Minimum Index Value
Negative_Slope Negative Slope
Offset Offset
Positive_Slope Positive Slope
Prescale_Offset Prescale Offset
Resolution Resolution
Response_Parameter Response Parameter
Sensitivity Sensitivity
Slope Slope
Threshold Threshold
Top_Value Top Value
Value_Long Value
Value_Number Value
Value_String Value

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