Mnemonics, Properties, Name

Parents Property
DescriptionThe name given to any object or data item, e.g. Name of Well, Name of Field, etc.

Related children
Activity_Name Activity Name
Attribute_Name Attribute Name
Biological_Name Biological Name
Column_Name Column Name
Component_1_Name Component 1
Component_2_Name Component 2
Component_3_Name Component 3
Component_4_Name Component 4
Coordinate_System_Name Coordinate System Name
Country_Name Country Name
County_Name County Name
Def_Currency Default Currency
Display_Name Display Name
Drill_Fluid_Name Drill Fluid Name
Drill_Structure_Name Drill Structure Name
Element_Tag Element Tag
Elevation_Reference_Name Elevation Reference Name
Ellipsoid_Name Ellipsoid Name
Field_Name Field Name
File_Name File Name
File_System_Name File System Name
Formation_Name Formation Name
Function_Name Function Name
Geodetic_Datum_Name Geodetic Datum Name
Geodetic_Datum_Point Geodetic Datum Point
GPD_Lithology_Pattern GPD Lithology Pattern
Graphic_Symbol_Name Graphic Symbol Name
Input_Data_Name Input Data Name
Language Language
Lease_Name Lease Name
Lease_Suffix Lease Suffix
Major_Component Major Component
Method Method
Model_Name Model Name
Object_Name Object Name
Oil_Compressibility_Correlation Oil Compressibility Correlation
Oil_Formation_Volume_Factor_Correlation Oil Formation Volume Factor Correlation
Operating_System_Name Operating System Name
Organization_Name Organization Name
Outer_Continental_Shelf_Name Outer Continental Shelf Name
Pattern_Name Pattern Name
Person_Name Name
Prime_Meridian_Name Prime Meridian Name
Product_Name Product Name
Projection_Zone_Code Projection Zone Code
Region_Of_Interest Region Of Interest
Rock_Compressibility_Correlation Rock Compressibility Correlation
SDM_Domain_Name SDM Domain
Section_Suffix Section Suffix
Short_Name Short Name
Simulation_Layer_Name Simulation Layer
State_Name State Name
Table_Name Table Name
Title Title
Trade_Name Trade Name
Vertical_Datum_Name Vertical Datum Name
Water_Viscosity_Correlation Water Viscosity Correlation
Well_Name Well Name
Zone_Name Zone Name

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