Mnemonics, Properties, Time_Interval

NameTime Interval
Parents Property > Time
DescriptionA time value which is intended to indicate the duration of a process or event.

Related children
Acoustic_Travel_Time Acoustic Travel Time
Aperture_Time Aperture Time
Battery_Life Battery Life
Cumulative_Equivalent_Time Cumulative Equivalent Time
Current_Equivalent_Time Current Equivalent Time
Delay_Time Delay Time
Downtime Downtime
Drift_Time Drift Time
Duration Duration
Event_Time Event Time
Fracture_Closure_Time Closure Time
Idle_Time Idle Time
Intermediate_Time_Level Intermediate Time Level
Interval_Time Interval Time
Max_Extreme_Time Maximum Extreme Time
Min_Scan_Time Min Scan Time
Mis_Tie_Phase_Time_Equivalent Mis-tie Phase Time Equivalent
Mis_Tie_Static_Time_Correction Mis-tie Static Correction Time
Mis_Tie_Variable_Time_Correction Mis-tie Variable Correction Time
Normal_Moveout Normal Moveout
Operating_Time Operating Time
Payout_Period Payout Period
Peak_Peak_Delta_Time Peak Peak Delta Time
Peak_Trough_Delta_Time Peak Trough Delta Time
Period Period
Processing_Window_Length_Time Window Length (Time)
Ramping_Duration Ramping Duration
Receiver_Event_First_Arrival Receiver Event First Arrival
Receiver_Station_Time Receiver Station Time
Recorder_Delay_Time Recorder Delay Time
Reduced_Traveltime Reduced Traveltime
Relaxation_Time Relaxation Time
Sampling_Duration Sampling Period
Sampling_Period Sampling Period
Sliding_Window_Duration Sliding Window Duration
Snap_Window_Bottom Snap Window Bottom
Snap_Window_Top Snap Window Top
Stable_Elapsed_Time Elapsed Time at Stable Conditions
Tie_Point_Total_Time_Correction Total Mis-tie Time
Time_Increment Time Increment
Time_System_Offset_Wrt_Standard_Time Time System Offset Wrt Standard Time
Tracking_Operator_Length Tracking Operator Length
Tracking_Window_Bottom Tracking Window Bottom
Tracking_Window_Top Tracking Window Top
Transfer_Duration Transfer Duration
Transit_Time Transit Time
Trough_Peak_Delta_Time Trough Peak Delta Time
Trough_Trough_Delta_Time Trough Trough Delta Time
Vertical_Time_Thickness Time Thickness
Wave_Period Wave Period

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