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Parents Property
DescriptionThe type of any item. Applies to all items in all domains.

Related children
Accident_Type Accident Type
Acquisition_Type Acquisition Type
Activity_Type Activity Type
Allowed_Position Allowed Position
API_Pin_Conn_Type API Pin Connection Type
Arc_Type Arc Type
Availability Availability
Azimuth_Reference_Type Azimuth Reference Type
Baselap_Type Baselap Type
Battery_Type Battery Type
Bearing_Type Bearing Type
Bed_Character Bed Characterization
Bed_Set_Type Bedding Set Type
Bed_Type Bedding Type
Bioturbation_Type Bioturbation Type
Bit_Profile Bit Profile
Boat_Type Boat Type
Bottomhole_End_Type Bottomhole End Type
Boundary_Type Boundary Type
Bulk_Addition_Mode Addition Mode
Burner_Type Burner Type
Business_Associate_Job_Title Business Associate Job Title
Business_Line Business Line
Business_Region_Type Business Region Type
Cable_Type Cable Type
Calibrator_Type Calibrator Type
Casing_Type Casing Type
Cement_Additive_Type Cement Additive Type
Cement_Retarder_Type Cement Retarder Type
Cement_Type Cement Type
Cement_Unit_Type Cementing Unit Type
Centralizer_Test_Type Centralizer Test Type
Centralizer_Type Centralizer Type
Chemical_Function Chemical Function
Chemical_Product_Type Chemical Product Type
Chemistry_Type Chemistry Type
Choke_Manifold_Type Choke Manifold Type
Classification Classification
Classification_Group_Code Classification Group
Classification_Method_Type Classification Method Type
Classification_Scope Classification Scope
Company_Type Company Type
Completion_Type Completion Type
Confidentiality_Level Confidentiality Level
Conn_1_Type Connection 1 Type
Conn_2_Type Connection 2 Type
Connector_Type Casing Tubing Connector Type
Constraint_Type Constraint Type
Construct Construct
Contact_Throw_Sense Contact Throw Sense
Contact_Type Contact Type
Core_Type Core Sample Type
Coring_Method Coring Method
Cost_Charge_Type Cost Charge Type
CS_Trans_Type Coordinate System Transformation Type
Cultural_Feature_Type Cultural Feature Type
Cushion_Type Cushion Type
Cutter_Type Cutter Type
Data_Direction Data Direction
Data_Focus_Type Data Focus Type
Data_Reduction_Type Data Reduction Type
Def_Display_Type Default Display Type
Depositional_Environment_Type Depositional Environment Type
Derivative_Model Derivative Model
Derivative_Type Derivative Type
Diff_Pressure_Gauge_Type Differential Pressure Gauge Type
Dip_Pattern_Type Dip Pattern Type
Dip_Type Dip Type
Dip_Valid_Zone_Type Dip Validity Zone Type
Discontinuity_Type Discontinuity Type
Dosing_Mode Dosing Mode
Drill_Bit_Type Drill Bit Type
Drill_Collar_Type Drill Collar Type
Drill_Downhole_Tool_Type Drill Downhole Tool Type
Drill_Hole_Opener_Reamer_Type Drill Hole Opener Type
Drill_Jar_Shock_Type Drill Jar Shock Type
Drill_Motor_Type Drill Bit Motor Type
Drill_Pipe_Type Drill Pipe Type
Drill_Slot_Cluster_Type Drill Slot Cluster Type
Drill_Stabilizer_Type Drill Stabilizer Type
Drill_Structure_Type Drill Structure Type
Drill_Sub_Type Drill Sub Type
DST_Gauge_Type DST Gauge Type
East_West_Line East West Reference Line
Equipment_Type Equipment Type
Event_Class Event Class
Event_Subclass Event Subclass
Existence_Kind Existence Kind
Facies_Boundary_Type Facies Boundary Type
Facies_Type Facies Type
Fault_Character Fault Characterization
Fault_Distortion_Type Fault Distortion Type
Fault_Type Fault Type
Faulting_Time_Wrt_Sedimentation Faulting Time wrt Sedimentation
Faulting_Time_Wrt_Tilt Faulting Time wrt Tilt
Feature_Intersection_Type Feature Intersection Type
File_Type File Type
Firing_Head_Type Firing Head Type
Flow_Direction Flow Direction
Flow_Direction_Setup Flow Direction Setup
Flow_Head_Type Flow Head Type
Flow_Regime Flow Regime
Flow_Type Flow Type
Fluid_Contact_Type Fluid Contact Type
Fluid_Marker_Type Fluid Marker Type
Fluid_Phase Fluid Phase
Fluid_Return_Outlet Fluid Return Outlet
Fluid_Type Fluid Type
Fold_Type Fold Type
Foreign_System Foreign System
Format Format
Formation_System_Type Formation System
Fossil_Type Fossil Type
Fracture_Condition Fracture Condition
Fracture_Element_Distribution_Type Fracture Element Distribution Type
Fracture_Origin Fracture Origin
Fracture_Type Facture Type
Gas_Description_Type Gas Description Type
Gas_Gravimeter_Type Gas Gravimeter Type
Gas_Line_Pressure_Gauge_Type Gas Line Pressure Gauge Type
Gas_Line_Temperature_Gauge_Type Gas Line Temperature Gauge Type
Gas_Meter_Type Gas Meter Type
Gas_Pressure_Axis_Type Gas Pressure Axis Type
Geologic_Age_Type Geologic Age Type
Geological_Influence_Type Geological Influence Type
Geophone_Type Geophone Type
Geopolitical_Region_Type Geopolitical Region Type
Granulometric_Sequence_Type Granulometric Sequence Type
H2S_Service_Type H2S Service Type
Heater_Type Heater Type
Hemisphere Hemisphere Code
Hole_Condition_Type Borehole Condition Type
Horizon_Tracking_Event Horizon Tracking Event
Horizon_Type Horizon Type
Hydraulic_Model_Type Hydraulic Model Type
Hydrophone_Type Hydrophone Type
Inclusion_Type Inclusion Type
Index_Type Index Type
Inertial_Flow_Coefficient_Correlation_Type Inertial Flow Coefficient Correlation Type
Injection_Point Injection Point
Inner_Boundary_Condition_Type Inner Boundary Condition Type
Interruption_Type Interruption Type
IPR_Fluid_Flow_Model_Type IPR Fluid Flow Model Type
Line_Style Line Style
Line_Thickness Line Thickness
Line_Type Earth Line Type
Litho_Type Lithology/Rock Type
Lower_Surface_Relation Lower Surface Relationship
Material_Phase Phase
Material_Type Material Type
Memory_Type Memory Type
Merge_Strategy Merge Strategy
Method_Type Method Type
Mineral_Class Mineral Classification
Mineral_Group Mineral Group
Mixture_Type Mixture Type
Morpho_Type Morpho Type
Mud_Pump_Monitoring_Purpose Mud Pump Monitoring Purpose
Mud_Pump_Type Mud Pump Type
Mud_Type Mud Type
Naming_System Naming System
Neighborhood Topological Neighborhood
Node_Type Node Type
North_South_Line North South Reference Line
Occurrence_Order Occurrence Order
Oil_Gravimeter_Type Oil Gravimeter Type
Oil_Line_Temperature_Gauge_Type Oil Line Temperature Gauge Type
Oil_Rate_Meter_Type Oil Rate Meter Type
Oil_Viscosity_Correlation Oil Viscosity Correlation
Operating_Mode Operating Mode
Organization_Role Role
Outer_Boundary_Condition_Type Outer Boundary Condition Type
Packaging_Type Packaging Type
Packer_Motion_Type Packer Motion
Packer_Type Packer Type
Partial_Completion_Model Partial Completion Model Type
Perforation_Charge_Type Perforation Charge Type
Perforation_Gun_Phase Perforation Gun Phasing
Perforation_Gun_Position Perforation Gun Position
Perforation_Gun_Type Perforation Gun Type
Perforation_Type Perforation Type
Personnel_Role Personnel Role
Plane_Type Plane Type
Platform_Type Platform Type
Play_Type Play Type
Point_Type Earth Point Type
Porosity_Type Porosity Type
Pressure_Drop_Correlation Pressure Drop Correlation
Pressure_Drop_Correlation_Type Pressure Drop Correlation Type
Pressure_Operation_Type Pressure Operation Type
Pressure_Point_Setup Pressure Point Setup
Production_History_Type Production History Type
Projection_Class Projection Class
Projection_CS_Type Projection Coordinate System Type
Pumping_Schedule_Type Pumping Schedule type
Range_Type Range Type
Recorder_Type Recorder Type
Related_Sample_Type Related Sample Type
Relationship_Constraint_Type Relationship Constraint Type
Relationship_Type Relationship Type
Relative_Permeability_Basis Relative Permeability Basis
Representation_Type Representation Type
Reservoir_Type Reservoir Type
Rheology_Model Rheology Model
Rights_Type Rights Type
Rock_Class Rock Class
Rock_Genesis Rock Genesis
Rock_Subclass Rock Subclass
Rotation_Sense Rotation Sense
Running_Direction Running Direction
Safety_Drill_Type Safety Drill Type
Sale_Group Sales group
Sample_Type Sample Nature
Sampling_Bottle_Type Sampling Bottle Type
Scan_Type Scan Type
Screen_Arrangement Screen Arrangment
Screen_Motion Screen Motion
Screen_Tension_Type Shale Shaker Screen Tension
Section_Type Section Type
Sedimentary_Channel_Type Sedimentary Channel Type
Sedimentary_Feature_Type Sedimentary Feature Type
Sedimentary_Structure_Type Sedimentary Structure Type
Sedimentary_Unit_Type Sedimentary Unit Type
Seismic_Object_Type Seismic Object Type
Sensor_Type Sensor Type
Separator_Line Separator Line
Separator_Type Separator Type
Sequence_Boundary_Type Sequence Type
Sequence_Lower_Limit_Type Sequence Lower Limit Type
Sequence_Order Sequence Order Type
Sequence_Surface_Type Sequence Surface Type
Sequence_Trend Sequence Trend Type
Sequence_Type Sequence Type
Sequence_Upper_Limit_Type Sequence Upper Limit Type
Service_Type Service Type
Setting_Mode Setting Mode
Setting_Tool Setting Tool
Shear_Failure_Mode Shear Failure Mode
Show_Type Show Type
Signal_Type Signal Type
Snap_Type Snap Type
Solution_Gas_Oil_Ratio_Correlation Solution Gas Oil Ratio Correlation
Structural_Dip_Type Structural Dip Type
Structural_Model_Type Structural Model Type
Subsea_Equipment_Type Subsea Equipment Type
Surface_Surface_Intersection_Type Surface-Surface Intersection Type
Surface_Type Surface Type
Survey_East_West Survey East West
Survey_North_South Survey North South
Survey_Type Survey Type
Tank_Type Tank Type
Tectonic_Cycle_Type Tectonic Cycle Type
Tectonic_Feature_Type Tectonic Feature Type
Tensile_Failure_Mode Tensile Failure Mode
Thread_Type Thread Type
Tool_Type Tool Type
Treatment_Flow_Path Treating Flow Path
Tube_Upset_Type Tube Upset Type
Tubular_String_Connect_Type Tubular String Component Connection Type
Tubular_String_Location_Type Tubular String Component Location Type
Tubular_Type Tubular Type
Unconformity_Type Unconformity Type
Upper_Surface_Relation Upper Surface Relationship
Volume_Type Volume Type
Water_Rate_Meter_Type Water Rate Meter Type
Wavelet_Type Wavelet Type
Well_Production_Control_Mode Production mode
Well_Projection_Type Well Projection Type
Well_Test_Model Well Test Model
Well_Test_Model_Type Well Test Model Type
Well_Test_Type Well test Type
Well_Treatment_Type Well Treatment Type
Wellbore_Purpose Wellbore Purpose
Wellbore_Storage_Type Wellbore Storage Type
Wellhead_Connection_Type Wellhead Connection Type
Wetting_Type Wetting Type
Zone_Set_Type Zone Set Type

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