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NameVolume Fraction
Parents Property > Ratio
DescriptionThe ratio of the volumes occupied by two components, or by one component to the total volume of the system.

Related children
Albite_Volume_Fraction Albite Volume Fraction
Anhydrite_Volume_Fraction Anhydrite Volume Fraction
Ash_Volume_Fraction Ash Volume Fraction
Biotite_Volume_Fraction Biotite Volume Fraction
Calcite_Volume_Fraction Calcite Volume Fraction
Carbon_Volume_Fraction Carbon Volume Fraction
Carbonate_Volume_Fraction Carbonate Volume Fraction
Chlorite_Volume_Fraction Chlorite Volume Fraction
Clay_Volume_Fraction Clay Volume Fraction
Coal_Gas_Concentration Coal Gas Concentration
Coal_Volume_Fraction Coal Volume Fraction
Dolomite_Volume_Fraction Dolomite Volume Fraction
Dry_Clay_Volume_Fraction Dry Clay Volume Fraction
Evaporite_Volume_Fraction Evaporite Volume Fraction
Feldspar_Volume_Fraction Feldspar Volume Fraction
Flow_Capacity Flow Capacity
Flushed_Zone_Dissolved_Salt_Volume_Fraction Flushed Zone Dissolved Salt Volume Fraction
Flushed_Zone_Fluid_Volume_Fraction Flushed Zone Fluid Volume Fraction
Flushed_Zone_OBMF_Volume_Fraction Flushed Zone Oil-Based Mud Filtrate Volume Fraction
Formation_Volume_Factor Formation Volume Factor
Gas_Fluid_Ratio Gas Ratio
Gas_Fraction Gas Fraction
Gas_Liquid_Ratio Gas Liquid Ratio
Gas_Oil_Ratio Gas Oil Ratio
Gas_Volume_Fraction Bulk Volume Gas (fraction)
Glauconite_Volume_Fraction Glauconite Volume Fraction
Gypsum_Volume_Fraction Gypsum Volume Fraction
Halite_Volume_Fraction Halite Volume Fraction
Holdup Holdup
Hydrocarbon_Volume_Fraction Bulk Volume Hydrocarbon (fraction)
Igneous_Volume_Fraction Igneous Volume Fraction
Illite_Volume_Fraction Illite Volume Fraction
Inverse_Formation_Volume_Factor Inverse Formation Volume Factor
Isolated_Porosity_Volume_Fraction Isolated Porosity Volume Fraction
Kaolinite_Volume_Fraction Kaolinite Volume Fraction
Liquid_Gas_Ratio Liquid Gas Ratio
Max_Shale_Volume_Fraction Maximum Shale Volume Fraction
Metamorphic_Volume_Fraction Metamorphic Volume Fraction
Mineral_Concentration Mineral Concentration
Montmorillonite_Volume_Fraction Montmorillonite Volume Fraction
Muscovite_Volume_Fraction Muscovite Volume Fraction
NMR_3D_Map NMR 3D Map
NMR_DC_Distribution NMR DC Distribution
NMR_Relaxation_Time_Ratio_Distribution NMR Relaxation Time Ratio Distribution
NMR_T1_Distribution NMR T1 Distribution
NMR_T1T2_Map NMR T1-T2 Map
NMR_T2_Distribution NMR T2 Distribution
Oil_Brine_Ratio Oil Brine Ratio
Oil_Concentration Oil Content
Oil_Fraction Oil Fraction
Oil_Gas_Ratio Oil-Gas Ratio
Oil_Volume_Fraction Bulk Volume Oil (fraction)
Oil_Water_Ratio Oil Water Ratio
Orthoclase_Volume_Fraction Orthoclase Volume Fraction
Parallel_Porosity_Volume_Fraction Parallel Porosity Volume Fraction
Porosity Porosity
Potash_Volume_Fraction Potash Volume Fraction
Pyrite_Volume_Fraction Pyrite Volume Fraction
QFM_Volume_Fraction Quartz+Feldspar+Mica Volume Fraction
Quartz_Volume_Fraction Quartz Volume Fraction
Recovery_Factor Unit Recovery Factor
Reduced_Volume Reduced Volume
Sand_Volume_Fraction Sand Volume Fraction
Shale_Volume_Fraction Shale Volume Fraction
Shrinkage_Factor Shrinkage Factor
Siderite_Volume_Fraction Siderite Volume Fraction
Silt_Volume_Fraction Silt Volume Fraction
Smectite_Volume_Fraction Smectite Volume Fraction
Storage_Capacity Storage Capacity
Tar_Volume_Fraction Tar Volume Fraction
Total_Organic_Carbon Total Organic Carbon
Total_Organic_Matter Total Organic Matter
Trona_Volume_Fraction Trona Volume Fraction
Undisturbed_Zone_Dissolved_Salt_Volume_Fraction Undisturbed Zone Dissolved Salt Volume Fraction
Water_Activity Aw
Water_Concentration Water Content
Water_Cut Water Cut
Water_Fraction Water Fraction
Water_Volume_Fraction Bulk Volume Water (fraction)

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