Mnemonics, Properties, Water_Saturation

NameWater Saturation
Parents Property > Saturation
DescriptionThe extent to which the pore space in a formation contains water.

Related children
Initial_Water_Saturation Initial Water Saturation
Max_Water_Saturation Maximum Water Saturation
Net_Pay_Water_Saturation Net Pay Water Saturation
Net_Reservoir_Core_Water_Saturation_Point_Match Net Reservoir Core Water Saturation (PM)
Net_Reservoir_Log_Water_Saturation_Point_Match Net Reservoir Log Water Saturation (PM)
Net_Reservoir_Water_Saturation Net Reservoir Water Saturation
Water_Saturation_At_Breakthrough Water Saturation at Breakthrough
Water_Saturation_At_Breakthrough_FF Water Saturation at Breakthrough (Fractional Flow)
Water_Saturation_Min_So_3Phase Water Saturation at Min So - 3Phase

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