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DescriptionAluminium Activation Clay Tool - C

Related channels
ACGR Gamma Ray Contribution from Thorium and Potassium
ALUM Weight Percent Aluminum
ASGR Spectroscopy Gamma Ray
AVEL ACT Cable Speed on level by level basis
AWN1 ACT Window 1, .150 - .5 MeV
AWN2 ACT Window 2, .5 - 1.1 MeV
AWN3 ACT Window 3, 1.1 - 1.6 MeV
AWN4 ACT Window 4, 1.6 - 2 MeV
AWN5 ACT Window 5, 2 - 3 MeV
CPOT Computed Potassium
CPTH Computed Potassium and Thorium
CPTU Computed Potassium and Thorium and Uranium
SCCA Sum of Capture CA + CL + H
SCHL Sum of Capture CL + H
SCSI Sum of Capture SI + CA + CL + H
SFE Sum of Capture FE + SI + CA + CL + H
UWAL Uncorrected Weight Percent Aluminum

Related parameters
AGSR GSR-U Reference
ALGA AL Gain to Convert CPS to Weight Percent
ALOF AL Offset to Convert CPS to Weight Percent
AMSL Mode Slow Loop
ANCT ACT Calibrator Type
ANGC ACT Cartridge Number
ANGD ACT Detector Number
ANGJ ACT Jig Number
APCS Programmable Correction Slow Loop
AQAL Count Rate in Americium Lower Window
AQAU Count Rate in Americium Upper Window
AQRC Quality Window Ratio (Calibration)
AQRS Quality Window Ratio (Shop)
ASCD ACT Shop Calibration Date
ASCV ACT Shop Calibration Value

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