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DescriptionBorehole Televiewer - B

Related channels
AMNC Angle of Minimum Caliper
AMWF Amplitude Waveform
AMXC Angle of Maximum Caliper
AVCA Average Caliper Diameter
AVRA Average Caliper Radius
CAL1 Caliper 1
CAL2 Caliper 2
CAL3 Caliper 3
CAL4 Caliper 4
CAL5 Caliper 5
CAL6 Caliper 6
CAL7 Caliper 7
CAL8 Caliper 8
DDFL Doubtful Data Flag
FGMC Flux Gate Magnetometer
FVEL Fluid Acoustic Slowness
HIAM Highest Amplitude
HITT Highest Transit Time
LOAM Lowest Amplitude
LOTT Lowest Transit Time
MAXC Maximum Caliper Radius
MINC Minimum Caliper Radius
MTT Mud Transit Time
NOIZ Count of Noise Detection per Twizzle
P1AZ_BHTV Pad 1 Azimuth in Horizontal Plane (0 = True North), memorized to BHTV
RMTT Raw Mud Travel Time
SBHT BHTV Tool Status
SKIP Count of TT Skips per Twizzle
THV Measurement of Downhole +200V Bus
TLV Measurement of Downhole +5V Bus
TTWF Transit Time Waveform

Related parameters
ACQU Acquisition Mode
AMLO Amplitude Low
AZIM Well Section Azimuth
CEFL Centralized Flag
CROT Compass Rotation
CSET Caliper Set
DEVI Well Section Deviation
DMOD Delta-T Mode
DOT Diameter of Transducer Sensor
FVEL Fluid Interval Transit Time
FVS Fluid Velocity Selection
GCOR GPIT Correction
HIAM High Amplitude
HITT High Transit Time
LOAM Low Amplitude
LOTT Low Transit Time
MDEC Magnetic Field Declination
MINC Magnetic Field Inclination
MOTO Mode of Tool Operation
MROT Mark Rotation
PAGN Preamplifier Gain
PULS North Pulse Selection
SREJ Skip Rejection
TFRQ Transducer Frequency
TTLO Transit Time Low
VRES Vertical Resolution
WFNO Waveform Normalization Option

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